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Michele Bilyeu blog Love from Michele: Clothing designed and sewn with love by our seamstresses -- to let your angel know that he or she is "special enough for a special outfit". Rompers are one of several boys garments that have a front pleated insert. The future of Gilead Ministry at Jackson Park Hospital is uncertain at this time and thus no other donations of baby items are needed until further notice.

Baptismal clothing is apparel worn by Christian proselytes (and in some cases, by clergy members also) during the ceremony of 0549sahibi.tk clothes are generally worn because the person being baptized is
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If there is not a Project Linus in your area, consider starting a group. And of course, donate to any local hospital, or baby care project and mention your support of Project Linus and all of us who sew for babies and children, everywhere!

The more stressful our daily role is, the further we become estranged from our own deepest impulses, and the more we need an escape from the demands and limitations of mundane existence. The infant screams of the baby of the house to be fed, changed or cuddled can be overwhelming at times.

But if you, as the caregiver, feel that way, how must the AB who has surrendered themselves to you must feel? Their entire life has been so overwhelming that many of them have attempted suicide. Most of them would die rather than allow the outside world discover their powerless, impotent baby self.

They are in desperate need of a stage in which they can play out their weaknesses and needs. They need a psycho-forum in which it is safe to surrender themselves to a parental figure. You, as their caregiver, are their hope, salvation and love of their life. They have entrusted you with their bodies and souls. Some AB's use alcohol, drugs or gambling to transcend their mundane adult lives, but these activities are generally both destructive and unsatisfying.

Escapes provided by a rich fantasy life, however, can be both constructive and extraordinarily fulfilling. Shared fantasies foster true intimacy. By overcoming the stifling of the inner self, fantasies allow babies and their caregivers to express the and realize their inner needs and best potentials.

To want love is to be human, to give love is divine! The wife or female friend of a male AB who plays the role of a mommy has a variety of feminine roles that she can play; does she want to be a mommy of an older baby, mommy of a young baby, a babysitter or simply a friend to the baby? Will she help in the roleplay or simply allow the AB the freedom to behave like a baby?

If she chooses the role of Mommy or Babysitter, the power that her friend or partner has surrendered is intoxicating. She has complete power over her baby! Baby boys with a wife who has assumed the role of their mommy are attempting to experience time travel back to their babyhood.

As a baby, the act of the play forces him into a mindset of the eternal now. He only experiences sensations and has no future plans or expectations. He feels rather than thinks.

He has no adult responsibilities or duties. All he wishes is to passively lie back and allow his mommy to reintroduce the soothing feelings of suckling warmed formula from a bottle, or peeing and messing in his diapers accompanied by pleasant diaper changes. If he feels sleepy, he can nap because he has no chores or responsibilities.

When he is hungry, his Mommy will feed him and when he is dirty, he will be bathed. Nothing is left to chance, rather he knows of a certainty that his Mommy will take care of his every need.

During his bathes or diaper changes, he is assured that his caretaker will accept baby behavior like sucking his thumb or the toes on his feet. The Daddy of an AB who plays the parental role of a father is more restricted in his role, but on the other hand, his absolute authority over the baby is sine non qua of a paternal role.

The power that his powerful role is less intoxicating then it is to a female caregiver, although being able to deliver baby love in a parental fashion is more difficult for most men. The roles for a male caregiver are that of a babysitter, a big brother or a Daddy. If the male caregiver wishes to be responsive to their baby charges, they must study and accept the role of a person who changes soiled diapers, feeds and nourishes their baby as well as has a keen insight into the clothes and settings in which their baby is comfortable.

Daddies of AB's are different sorts of parents who are naturally attracted to baby girls if they are heterosexual and baby boys if they are Gay. Nonetheless, all the instructions above for Mommies of ABs apply to Daddies as well. Constructing the AB Fantasy: An Adult Baby fantasy should be designed to make the baby feel loved and protected on the one hand, or thoroughly embarrassed and punished on the other before the caregiver makes the baby feel loved and protected in spite of his infantile naughtiness.

The parent and baby should agree upon a "safety" word that ends the fantasy immediately. This is especially important for babies who want to be spanked or tied into their crib. The Fantasy Storyline or Script. Initially, the baby-caregiver should have the most simple script of baby play possible. Babies by definition are unable to have a conversation, so no communication other than baby babble should be part of the script.

Sometimes an AB will make lengthy confessions of guilt for "baby" actions during their regression through adolescence, childhood and through babyhood. Accept their confessions and tell them that their "crimes" are okay. In most cases, your adult baby is incapable of making lengthy confessions while enacting the role of an infant. You as the parent of your baby will not only be making all the decisions, but also be doing all the work.

Indeed, the question of which partner is really in charge always intrudes on these scenarios. Although the baby ends up well-cared for, the baby assumes the role of the prince or princess of the nursery; whose demands of immature regal authority should be delivered forthwith that food, attention, care, and fussing be addressed from his devoted, affectionate parent.

An AB wants to be clothed in the dress of his imagined period of his regression. In nearly all cases, this requires diapers and baby pants. Your adult baby has exactly the same clothing needs for baby wear that a chronological infant needs. First and foremost, he should have diapers. No baby is well-dressed without them. Large-sized disposable and cloth diapers for incontinent adults are available from DPF, including rubber or plastic pants, and adult-size baby clothing.

For other sites selling both cloth and disposable diapers and plastic pants, please visit the Diaper Links page located at: For the Mommy of a young infant, a snap-open nursing bra is an open invitation to breast feeding. A Mommy or Daddy should exude a powerful sense of warm, clean protectiveness. Furnishing the Fantasy - Props and Sets. Preferably, baby should have his or her own nursery apart from the master bedroom where he or she sleeps when in adult mode.

If possible, it should be a room that adjoins or is next to the master bedroom just like any other nursery. The nursery should be decorated Please visit http: Stuffed animals are a must for any child with an assumed age under six. If baby is young enough, pacifiers, teething rings, rattles and other baby toys appropriate to the assumed age of the baby should be supplied.

The player can also be used for hypnotic tapes or CDs. The single most important quality a parent must have for their AB is genuine love and affection. Other skills, such as baby massage, diapering, washing and caring for diapers and baby pants can be easily acquired.

The most difficult skill is that of parental patience. It is far too easy for a parent to become exasperated with their adult baby and spank him or her out of frustration. Good parents plan ahead and try to think of the mischief that their "little" one might get into before baby thinks of it. Simple, understandable rules with logical consequences are the key to influencing your baby to behave correctly. If a baby regresses beyond his or her assumed age, then a smart parent merely changes the way that he or she treats her baby.

For example, if a Mommy should have a baby with the assumed age of a four-year-old, but the superannuated preschooler constantly wets his bed, then it is reasonable to put him in diapers and plastic pants at night. If he demands to stay up longer because he is a "big boy" then match his nite-nite time to his behavior, i. The more infantile he acts, the younger he will be treated.

Your baby has the option of acting as mature or immature as he or she wants. If at all possible, stay away from punishments and set down simple rules that have logical consequences. In this way, your baby will control what he or she wants or needs by his or her behavior. Diapers are the single garment which defines the role of a baby. Diaper changes also provide the necessary pleasurable physiological stimulus that an AB craves.

Caregivers should coo lovingly and talk baby talk to their charges during a diaper change. Baby massages during this time are also welcomed by your baby. If the caregiver has a good voice and likes to sing, then this is an excellent opportunity to croon baby songs to your baby. Like chronological infants, ABs should have their diapers changed on a regular basis.

Recommended times are as follows: Immediately before or after every feeding if the diapers are wet or soiled. After a bowel movement or wetting. Before naptime or bedtime. Immediately after your baby wakes up if the diapers are wet or soiled. Before going out with your baby. Climate may also affect the need for diaper changes.

If the climate is hot, your baby will perspire in his or her diapers. Many adult babies are more allergic to their own perspiration than they are to stale highly ammoniated urine. Babies in hot climets should have their diapers changed whenever they are wet, whether from sweat or from pee. Corn startch baby poweder helps a lot in hot climates. Babies in cold climes may suffer from perspiration if they are over-clothed.

While protection from the elements is necessary, the caregiver should be aware that heavy clothes will require more frequent diaperings. As stated before, a good parent will establish a set of simple understandable rules with logical consequences for breaking them.

Although Mama Jenn is opposed to spanking, she understands that there are some babies who feel the need to be disciplined by a real spanking. Mama Jenn provides the following guidelines for full spankings without personal endorsement.

If the baby has merely touched or attempted to be naughty in front of the caregiver, then a slap on the top of his or her hand s is reasonable. This can be done with a standing baby or if the caregiver wishes, the short spanking can be delivered over his or her lap. If the baby has a dirty diaper, leave it on while you spank your baby. A diaper change immediately before the spanking sends a mixed message to the baby.

If the baby has a wet diaper, it is up to the parent whether to spank the baby through the diaper recommended or have the baby drop his diaper for a lap spanking.

The decision should be made on the basis of the assumed age of the baby. Toddlers and older babies can drop their dipees while younger babies must keep them on. Parents should also consider the possibility that the baby might wet in their lap in a moment of panic. Bare-bottomed spanking is the classic method for older children and babies who have some bladder control. Several guidelines apply to full spankings: A full spanking should start with a slow, measured beat on the buttocks and gradually build in intensity and force.

The end of the spanking should be well defined, i. A spanking should not bruise or otherwise cause physical damage. Knitting pattern for "18" dolls like Baby born. Dress, Jacket, Pant, Socks and Hat. Beautiful blanket, Jacket and and all the sweet accessories. This patterns also fits other 17"" dolls like Baby born and Chou Chou. Cardigan, Bonnet, Baby Suit and Socks. This patterns also fits other 17"" dolls like Baby born. Knit these lovely doll clothes cotton.

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Many of the early traditions are therefore the same as the Roman Catholics and an heirloom long white gown is still used by many families. Modern churches allow for much diversity, but usually the clothing is still white for an infant or young child. A wide variety of practices are found in the spectrum of Protestantism. Some mainstream Protestant churches practice infant baptism, and thus make use of the christening gown; while others encourage or practice exclusive adult baptism also known as believer's baptism.

In some of the latter churches, special white clothing may be worn by both the person being baptized and the person performing the baptism. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints dress in white clothing to perform and to undertake baptism. Traditionally, the proselyte wears a white jumpsuit, white socks and white underclothing. The person performing the ordinance wears either a white jumpsuit or white slacks and white shirt.

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