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Marlboro (US: / ˈ m ɑːr l b ʌr oʊ /, UK: / ˈ m ɑːr l b ər ə, ˈ m ɔː l-/) is an American brand of cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by Philip Morris USA (a branch of Altria) within the United States, and by Philip Morris International (now separate from Altria) outside the United States. Richmond, Virginia, is the location of the largest Marlboro cigarette manufacturing.

I will be logging a report with the BBB.

I went to the AT&T Natick Mall store today to insure my iPhone X. The gentleman took off my case and examined the outside of my phone. He gave it back and went to talk to a manager in back/5(K).
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During that period, the Japanese bikes won six World Championship and, as a result of their sponsorship, Marlboro decals on race replica bikes became one of the most popular decal kits that were available.

In the nineties, Marlboro's livery also appeared on other bikes, especially the Hondas entered by Team Pileri from to , Pons Racing in [75] and Erv Kanemoto 's team in and who achieved the cc World Championship with Max Biaggi. The Yamaha works team was again associated with Marlboro between and Casey Stoner took his first MotoGP title in As of the Grand Prix motorcycle racing season they were only allowed to brand the bikes at one round, in Qatar , using the barcode in other races.

The controversial barcode design was then removed by Ducati for the start of the French motorcycle Grand Prix in the season. In January the Ducati Team presented a new logo which is regarded as a subliminal advertisement for Marlboro, evocating the top-left corner design of a Marlboro cigarettes pack, similar to the one used by Ferrari. In January , it was speculated that Ducati will sponsor Philip Morris' non-tobacco brand iQOS instead, bypassing currently in-place laws that prohibit specific advertising of tobacco products.

Marlboro sponsored the Yamaha Dealer Team from its inaugural season in to Marlboro sponsorship in IndyCar dates back to when the livery appeared on the Emerson Fittipaldi 's car entered by Patrick Racing. In Penske Racing hired Fittipaldi and started a 20 years-long association with Marlboro and its distinctive red and white livery. However, in the season Marlboro logos were replaced with 'Team Penske' but the team retained the color scheme as Philip Morris USA was still Penske's main sponsor.

Marlboro has a long history in rallying sponsorship, including the factory World Rally Championship teams of Lancia between and , Mitsubishi from to , and Peugeot from to The cigarette brand appeared on helmets and suits of some of the best rally drivers, being personal sponsor of Markku Alén , Timo Salonen , Juha Kankkunen , Miki Biasion and others.

In the cigarette brand started an association with Belgian rally driver Freddy Loix , who was racing for Opel in the Belgian rally championship. In he moved to Mitsubishi Ralliart works team, with the iconic livery remaining on successive Lancer Evolutions until the marque's temporary WRC withdrawal at the end of Marlboro also sponsored the Holden Dealer Team from through to Marlboro sponsored the Thomas and Uber Cup from to , as well as the Sudirman Cup from to and to Phillip Morris markets cigarettes, [90] snus , [90] and Heatsticks under the Marlboro brand.

After the brand's successful American relaunch in the s — which later became well known to Canadians through exposure to the brand's international sponsorships and advertising — Philip Morris tried several legal manoeuvres in attempting to reacquire the Canadian rights, to no avail. Imperial Tobacco continues to sell a line of cigarettes under the Marlboro name in Canada, albeit with very different packaging from that of the Philip Morris product. Philip Morris retains the rights to the "rooftop" trade dress and other elements of Marlboro's branding which were developed after the sale, and has historically used that trade dress in Canada in combination with the names "Matador" or occasionally "Maverick" for a line of Virginia blend cigarettes.

This led to a legal challenge from Imperial, contending that the new packaging created customer confusion by merely suggesting the Marlboro brand, thereby infringing on Imperial's Canadian trademark rights. The judgment noted that Canadian regulations which in most cases prohibit the public display of tobacco products at retail locations — i.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the cigarette brand produced by Altria Philip Morris. For other uses, see Marlboro disambiguation. Marlboro and the KKK". Retrieved 19 June Retrieved 24 November Privy's Original Bathroom Companion. Markennamen sind auch nicht mehr das, was sie mal waren". Retrieved 6 January Former F1 team owner Guido Forti passes away - Auto Onyx Grand Prix Cars pool".

Archived from the original on 22 March Retrieved 21 November Retrieved 21 December Retrieved June 28, Philip Morris Products S. Federal Court of Appeal Canada. The Globe and Mail. Copenhagen Red Seal Skoal. Tobacco Rolling paper Filter Additives. Cigarette card Cigarette smoking among college students Loosie Smoking fetishism Tobacco smoking.

Chain smoking Cigarette smoking for weight loss Nicotine poisoning Passive smoking Third-hand smoke Schizophrenia and smoking Sidestream smoke Smoking cessation Tobacco harm reduction. Electronic cigarette E-liquid Candy cigarette Herbal cigarette Heat-not-burn tobacco product Nicotine patch Nicotine gum Nicotine inhaler Nicotine lozenge.

Cultivation of tobacco Egyptian cigarette industry History of commercial tobacco in the United States Tobacco advertising. Cigarette brands Cigarette smoke carcinogens Countries by cigarette consumption per capita Rolling papers Smoking bans. They started at 8: Anyway, they followed with four numbers from "Houses of the Holy," their latest, including the aptly named "'The Song Remains the Same. His traditional, self-indulgent, violin-bowed guitar solo is somewhat boring and the song lasts so long you can actually forget what they're playing; but it is, as a whole, passable.

There are a few rare songs, such as "Layla," that are every bit as good as the frenzied masses think they are. Another one is "Stairway to Heaven,'' Led Zeppelin's most popular, to judge by the ovation given its mere announcement. It was ended to the visual accompaniment of a rainbow of lights arching to the ceiling and a star-speckling light projector. A spectacular effect and psychedelic circus at its finest. So it seemed almost anticlimactic when drummer John Bonham ended the whole thing at But even after it was announced that Led Zeppelin had indeed fled the sweltering Garden and wasn't coming back, most of the crowd stuck to their seals for 10 minutes or more, hoping and screaming for another glimpse.

And in the distance, a receding rumble, one more truckstop a memory. Zeps slap Hub with plenty of inertia. Two things plague the show: Robert's very weak voice and the out of control crowd. The band itself is playing really well, and Dazed And Confused is a great version. However, the crowd is out of control and the band punishes them with no encores, ending the show at slightly less than two hours.

The crowd can't believe it, but that's what they get for not heeding the pleas of Robert when people are getting crushed in front. Robert even sings "Take it easy" in the middle of Dazed but to no avail.

The show is played really well though. I've seen hundreds of concerts, all the greats, this was THE greatest Page was is the greatest guitarist ever. I rember this concert well. We were up in the balcony. I was told that the lady that process refunds is backed up, really!!! Just give me my money back. For my 5 attempts at resolving an ecertificate that was not received I have: PayPal will return my money , and I hope I have better results with Zara.

My name is Kala Lewis and I am a frequent shopper of your stores. On a weekly bases, I shop at the Fayetteville Pavilion location. Since June, both of the restrooms doors has had a sign posted on them informing customers that they are out of order.

This is a huge inconvenience for me. I phoned the store on November 9, , and spoke to the assistance manager concerning this manner. She stated that the restrooms were out of order due to customers getting locked in the restrooms, due to the key pads malfunctioning.

In which, the store would have to called the fire department to get them out. I explained to her that I often seen employees entering and exiting the restrooms without any assistance for the fire department. She then stated that there was a repair in and suggested that I call to speak with the store manager on the following day.

I took her advice. On November 10, , I phoned the store manager Reba to express my concerns of the restroom being out of order for the last five months. Once she got on the phone, I stated my concern. She responded with an untrue statement the restrooms have only been out of order only three times. I then ended the conversation and asked her for the number to the main office where I could make an official complaint.

She provided me with a number that was not working. I had to use Google to find an alternative to express my concerns. I love Forever 21 clothing and hope that this issue will be resolved so that I can have pleasant shopping experience.

Clothing stores are not required to have public bathrooms. I doubt they care tbh. I just wanted to complain about the Forever 21 store in Montebello. By the time I got home I realized I had forgotten a bomber jacket I had purchased, but it was too late to call since the store would be closed. She never came back to the phone, rather it was a guy. I called their customer service number and even chatted with a live attendant; what for? Both were a waste of time.

Unprofessional and poorly trained. I am truly in disbelief and flabbergasted as to the type of individuals this company employs. If anyone is reading this, stay away from that store.

Unfortunately their clothes is nice, but the service is extremely poor. On September 25th, I placed and online order for a pair of boots for myself. I had not made a purchased on line for quite some time since I moved from South Florida to Central Florida. Upon my placing my order I had to update my payment information as well as my address. I completed both as I was not able to process the order without the updated information. Checking status on my order I noticed the packaged was delivered to the old residence via Fed Ex.

I immediately phoned your customer service to inquire why the order was shipped to the old address when I had imputed and confirmed the new address. Your customer service agent advised they are not held accountable for my imputing the wrong address.

I advised I had not used that address in more than three years. In addition to my updating my current new address, which, is on my profile account under forever Your agent then told me I had to address the problem with the delivery service Fed Ex since they are not responsible. I had argued how I could make a claim to Fed Ex when in fact they provided the incorrect address to them. Your agent did not transfer me to a supervisor as I requested and told me there was nothing further they can do for me.

She kept insisting I imputed the incorrect address, which, I can assure that was not the case. I have not used this address since three years prior why would I input this address. Is very disappointing how your company handles their mistakes and will not accept accountability for mistakes occurred. My order may not have been for a large amount but it still hard earn money which I was having the pleasure of purchasing from your company. I never thought such a profitable and well known merchant would service customers with such disrespect.

Yes, I felt much disrespected on how I was accused of your incompetence and how it was handled. I had the same issue, employees even lied stating that they were supervisors without changing their voice. Then a month after having my order re-routed after finally ending up at their facilities, I had the burden of paying the new shipment fees.

This is all despite being told by a representative that they were going to expedite the processing given the month plus delays and inconvenience. Furthermore, the customer service skills were atrocious and offered no accommodations.

All I want are the items I paid for and payed extra shipping for. I had the worst experience ever with Forever 21 online costumer service. I am usually very easy going and when shopping at Forever 21 I know that I am getting clothes are a great price that will last only a few wears. And for some occasions, Forever 21 is exactly what I need.

In this case, I am going to a bachelorette party and needed a pink dress. I went online and purchased three dresses and some additional items I could not resist. I tracked my package and it is stuck at the Fed Ex facility in Los Angeles. So I reached out to Fed Ex. Fed Ex informed me that they needed to confirm the shipping address of Forever This would be the warehouse shipping address. So I called Forever 21 customer support and spoke to a costumer service rep.

Well, they lost a costumer. I will never go back to Forever Online or in store. And I plan to tell everyone I know about this experience. I have had great experiences in store. I recently went to the for ever 21 in Panorama City, Ca. And was extremly unhappy with the service. The store is a a complete mess, therefore I asked an emplyee to help me look for a dress in my size.

She went to the register and told me they had two in the store. Therefore I went back to the fitting room to try on the rest of my items. The gentlemen in the fitting room was very nice, he was the only one who actually try to look for it on the floor. The lady next to me told me that they are always rude there and that the store has been a mess for years now.

Sad to see this happen. Specially because she also told her employee to now spend time looking for the dress. No emplyee should be punish for giving great customer service. The customer service number is horrible. I have contacted them numerous times the representatives are robotic repeat the same thing over and over , speak to people as if you are a bother to them also hang up on costumers. I have called numerous times Ito check the status of an item that was shipped to forever 21 and received and the representative was rude and hung up on me 3 times.

Thus far the worst customer service expirence I have ever had. No one in your Philippines stores answer phones when inquiring nor are they very accommodating. It is very frustrating!

There need is for you to put merchandise out and smile. They have NO respect for employees so what happens customers gets screwed. Such as, giving you a raise or working you like a mule. Management needs to be tested, to see if they should keep their jobs.

Just like teachers do. After getting a uneducated person in the Philipines, I am informing you of your disgraceful merchandise showing a XXXX symbol. The person was not informed on Jewish people or h Hitler.

It is inexcusable to have such insensitivity to the six million Jews who were murdered. I I intend to call the anti-Defamation League and have your company get in sooo much trouble.

I expect a phone call ASAP. I tried your corporate office to no avail. Right now, I put this out to Jewish people on Facebook. I hope you take me seriously. I am 67 years old and grew up with all survivors. Do not underestimate me. I walked into a Forever21 in Monroe,La. Clothes were everywhere, paper was all over the floor, stuff was just out of order from the area where I walked into the store to every section.

After a few minutes I just walked out of the store without getting what I came to get because it was such a mess. This store has to do better. I have over 5 years retail experience and an education. He is always angry, and has anger management issues, he even yells at customers! He has his friends come into the store to harass workers!

He accused me of taking a meal without clocking out when I only took a ten minute break. He flipped out in front of customers by ringing the register bell 50 times!

I think he is on drugs! We have also been having problems with money missing from the petty cash draw which only managers with keys can access! He also invades peoples privacy by going into their lockers!

He is unprofessional and needs ethics training! F21 should be managed by people who have a college degree and have mature ethical behavior! Which the way you needs product like regular production Or ready-mades production just inform me and send me a sample with full measurement and sketch. Best regards Rj Rokon Dhaka, Bangladesh rjrokon2 at gmail. It was confirmed by your customer service rep on that phone call pull this call and listen to it that the umbrellas are full size so I placed the order on the phone based on this information.

I require not only a full refund but the shipping refund as well that I will have to incur to return this misrepresented item back. I have called into customer service to inform of this return and my intent to have the shipping fee refunded and customer service would not honor Forever 21 refund shipping fee policy. I asked to speak with a supervisor and after two lengthy holds, was told there was no supervisor taking calls.

Forever 21 has misrepresented the size of this product on their website as well as having customer service either intentionally or unintentionally misrepresent the size when I called into inquire before placing the order.

Need follow up from a Forever 21 representative that can knowledgeably and professionally recognize this customer service error and resolve this customer issue by refunding the shipping cost that will be incurred to return the item that was falsely represented. No Wonder the Cashiers are so Rude, the manager sets the example! Cashier was rude and hateful to 2 customers in line, so customers set their items down and said they did not want to Shop at a Store with such rude service.

Then when I agreed with the other Customer that left, the Cashier became Rude to me also. When asking her name she stated she does not have to give a name. He did not even care that he lost sales. I felt bad for the Customers that left because you could tell that it ruined their day. Those families and my family will not Shop at this store anymore. This Staff definitely needs training on how to be polite to Customers in every situation, because right now they are losing many customers due to poor service.

All companies must make a decision about what type of company they will be. Nordstroms made the decision that they will be known for providing top of the line customer service…. These types of decisions come directly from the upper management team. This is who they are. Forever 21 does not care about their customers….

I will no longer shop at Forever This is such a bad business decision. And…I of course will tell my friends and they will tell theirs. Thank goodness for stores like Nordstroms and others that care about their customers. Complain away about Forever 21…they are good with it.

Laughing at all you haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forever 21 is for younger high school girls not you old grumpy people! Move along and go find something else to complain about because Forever 21 is perfect for the targeted costumer. I refuse to spend money at this store at this point unless I have a gift card. The employees suck and they need better training. Every time I go into the Tyler mall riverside location the workers are clueless and never can provide the help needed.

Last week I went in looking for a denim jacket and both employees I asked were absolutely clueless. Again no help at all. This store is very unprofessional and represents the brand of forever21 very poorly. If I had much a selection forever21 would never be my number one store to shop at.

Very rude store is always a dam mess. And they never have anyone in the fitting room. My daughter in law for this company. And everyday she comes home with more complaints. About management, employees and overall about how the forever 21 in Atlantic City never has anyone in their fitting room. I thought Mayslanding was horrible. Thanks to how bad Forever 21 treats my daughter in law.

I did express shipping and my shipment email never came. Later in the day I received another email and they canceled my whole order. I am very upset about this. You all need to get people who speaks English on that customer service line.

I have called and complained, but still nothing. This was completely embarrassing as I was at work, and on top of that it was a waste of my money and time. I want my due diligence. Unfortunately, I had the same issue.

I ordered an item online on the Canadian site and it was too small could not purchase in store as none of the store had it in the size I needed On the return form it did advise that I would have to pay for the shipping and that it would not be refunded to me. Very disappointed in the customer service as I am now out of pocket the money I paid to have the item shipped and Forever 21 is holding onto it. Bad business practice as the majority of retailers that offer online sites as well as store locations refund the customers cost of having the item shipped to them.

It is part of doing business and keeping customers hap. Do NOT purchase anything from F21 unless you are certain you want it. Even the customer service rep on the phone said the same thing.

Well, only for store credit there. Need to pay for return shipping to get actual refund. I then contacted customer service and sadly, this is there policy. You are bullied and disrespected on a daily basics. She is the biggest bully not to mention racist. If you do not do what she wants when she wants she will cut your hours, talk about you to other management or just ignore you like a 10 year old child.

She clearly is very miserable with her life so she takes it out on her employees. She looks you in your faces and lies every time u come to this store but you all are so blind and believe her lies which makes you just as weak and disgusting.

It would be really nice if I could walk in one day and be treated with respect and have everything run smoothly. But I guess team f21 likes liers and ignorant people. I just hope things change soon. About a month ago, my 13 year old daughter and I went into a Forever 21 in Florence, KY, while on a trip and loved the store!

It was clean, well organized and the staff was very friendly and helpful. We bought many lovely things! The store was beyond dirty — clothing everywhere, including on the floor, displays torn up and unorganized, with more product on the floor, clothing shoved on a rack to the point it was falling off and over flowing and just the whole store was a total mess!

The staff was in adequate and overwhelmed trying to wait on customers. One person was in the fitting room by herself when there was a line waiting to get in. I noticed one staffer come try to help her, but quickly called away to help a customer. There were two employees at the check out counter and I saw one other person on the floor. This was on a Sunday in such a large store, I could not believe this was all the staff!?!?! I felt sorry for them, though they did maintain a personable demeanor, which I give them credit for.

Not sure I could have been so nice under those conditions. This past Sunday, we decided to give it one more shot. But found no better situation. The store was still a total wreck. I saw only three employees and the one I talked to said this was all that was scheduled in a that time!?! Is corporate unaware of the nature of this store in a college town and in the busiest shopping location in the town?

Given the operating hours and staff allowed, there is no way they can possibly be expected to get this store straightened and keep it straightened while dealing with the customer situation. But for corporate to allow this to continue…? I can not fathom it. I will not be returning to Forever 21 in Fayette Mall any time soon. Perhaps when we go past Florence Mall again, I will go in there, but as far as Fayette Mall, until I see a change in there, I am not even going to try to find anything. I enjoy the clothing we purchased in Florence, but this is ridiculous!

And I will not shop on line. I hope corporate will take note and do something about having enough staff to deal with the mess! At this point, I think it would take a day or two with full staff and the store closed just to get it cleaned up and in order again!

I have never experienced a worse customer service experience. Forever21 sent me the wrong item, which was not only the wrong size, but was half the cost of what I paid for it. I was out of the country when I received the item, so I did not have a chance to discover it, until after their 30 day return policy to which I was told that the Company would not remedy the situation. This is poor inventory and product control.

I called back 4 times with no success of speaking to a supervisor apparently, there is no supervision at any given day or time. One of the representatives hung up on me. I want this remediated. I called customer service the same day I made an order because I realized my address was wrong. I was told there was nothing they can do for me. When I asked to speak to a manager they then told me for If not have a good day. So unprofessional and disrespectful Im highly disappointed in the amount of disrespect I received.

I recently ordered a dress off of your website and made the mistake of putting in the wrong shipping address. I noticed my mistake immediately, and contacted customer service via email. Apparently, during that time my package was sent out and is on its way to the wrong address, and is set to be delivered the day after I leave school—as I am a college student leaving for summer break very soon— and they said that there was nothing they could do to help me since the package was already shipped out.

Upon contacting customer service via phone, I was put on hold for a full 30 minutes until I was actually put through to an agent who basically repeated the email I received to me verbatim and told me to contact UPS, who was equally as unhelpful and told me to contact the US Postal service when my package is transferred. Pervert caught videotaping young women with a camera on his shoe in dressing room at Forever 21 at Sawgrass Mills! F21 cx care has the worst service! Very unprofessional, the only reason I call them is if someone at the store cannot give me the answer to my question.

Thankfully the store was able to exchange it to me. I recently reached out to them again and the representative said that the return policy recently changed in , when I told him why did the store representative stated that it changed last month?

Put your workers through a training program so they can learn how to take care of customer better. Nice coworkers and a great surrounding. The only thing and this will forever be an issue. There is just a certain way how she talks to people. Not a person who demands constantly. Most of the people that worked at forever 21 quit because they would rather not deal with her. Let I say, those people that quit are great workers. The company is not the problem. But as of manager, she will only notice the bad, not the good.

Bad as in, if you misunderstood something she holds against you. Just a misunderstanding, she can always say it nicely. Instead she becomes sarcastic about it. I currently work as an employee at Forever 21 in Times square. Since this is the biggest store in New York we attract many customers. Many customers are displeased with how messy and disorganized the store appears.

Which is understandable because you want to shop in a pleasant atmosphere. The issues can be broken down into 3 parts: Times square Forever 21 has very little customer service because we barely have employees that are in the store. Everyday we are expected to have at least 10 people on each floor. We are lucky if we get 3 people on each floor, this includes overnight. The Times square location has four floors. Managers rather overwork the little bit of employees that do show up than contribute any effort into making the store look presentable.

One worker is doing the job of 3 people opposed to one because we have little coverage on the floor. Managers at forever 21 have no idea who actually comes in and works. There is a roster of about people that are supposedly working here. So many managers keep scheduling these people without checking if these people are even coming into work.

The managers here are very unprofessional, lack leadership, and are frankly just rude. Many employees quit because of the lack of respect managers give employees.

There is a lack of respect for managers because they engage an inappropriate relationships with employees during work hours. Our district manager Haley Kim has no respect for her employees and does not encourage us to work as a team. She has little interest in getting to know the employees that work hard , or even the actual condition of the store. Her main focus is going over payroll.

If you were to do a surprise visit all you would see is our managers on the phones texting and taking pictures in the fitting room. Our Store Manager is always wrapped up in her phone and neglecting her duties into seeing the condition of the store. Our Assistant Store manager although he works hard needs to learn better communication skills with his employees. It would make a better working environment. Our co-manager Jillian Rodriguez is a bit emotionally unstable to handle the work conditions in our store.

She has had many breakdowns in front of her employees because of the stress. Some of these breakdowns resulted in unfair doXXXXentations for the employees. I believe that management in Times Square needs to be reconstructed in order for the store to better.

You think that store is bad go to square one Mississauga all Managers are disrespectful, ungrateful, envious people who will never be happy. This company and owners are just as ridiculous for keeping her on this job. Just shows they have no standards. No customer or employee respect.

These poor kids are always frustrating trying to do so much work with just employees working at one time. But MARIA is by far not human she is the devil and will always be unhappy she has nothing good in her life. I pray for her burnt soul everyday!!! Clothing material keeps getting cheaper n cheaper while price get higher.. I have a complaint about your forever 21 Red in Gulfport, Mississippi. There is most definitely discrimination towards larger women.

Please if your going to try and make people feel better about themselves by putting a plus size section in a store please be considerate. I am extremely upset with your lack of customer service as a company. I have shopped with your company for over 10 years and have loved every minute of it. I recently shopped online with your company and am still having a horrible experience with this shopping experience.

Your online system is not compatible with how many people are using it. I had to restart my experience several times. Once I hit submit, my information reverted back to my old information and my package is now going to the wrong address.

My problem with this whole situation is the lack of care and concern from your customer service representatives. I have talked to 4 different team members and each team member has given me different information. Your representatives were extremely rude and just kept trying to get me off the phone.

I was told a supervisor would be calling me back but no supervisor has ever called me back. I will never be ordering online again through your website. After reading multiple comments left by other customers, I am hoping you guys will respond to several people and pick up the slack in your customer service department. This company is despicable! The service is the store is horrible but at least I get to inspect and try on my items. I have called customer service numerous times, on numerous days at this point for my refund.

They are rude and frankly seem to not give a damn about their jobs. I guess the Chinese ppl who own this brand release ppl will shop here anyway so who cares about losing one customer. Well, I was already peeved about the quality of the clothes and now I will never shop here again. Someone needs to get in contact with me and refund my money.

You guys have no clue how far I will take this based off of principal alone. I will never shop at forever 21 anymore. I called and was told that my refund was declined because my shoes investigated as used.

What kind of customer service is that? I hope I get response back. So disappointed at Forever I am very disappointed with Forever I placed an order with them and upon opening my one of my packages, the item was missing the tag.

I tried to call customer service but it was closed. So I tried to submit a message via the sites contact us. The message could not be submitted due to the site malfunctioning. I then tried to call the corporate office and could not even reach the operator.

What is going on with Forever I will be blasting them on social media; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Buyer beware do not shop at Forever I have great contacts there and having carried out a feasibility study, I am sure there is a great market there.

As far as I knew that was against the law. I would suggest that you review the management team at the Las Vegas stores she works at in the Meadows mall managers Kim and Robert who constantly harass her and should they harass her after she has her baby I will make sure that she contacts the necessary people she needs to contact regarding this. Should we not get a response or acknowledgement noting this will be looked into I will have her contact the necessary people and discrimination against pregnant women.

Here is the information we will use as she was specifically told she was removed from the schedule due to being pregnant:. A company cannot deny a pregnant woman a promotion, assuming once she returns to work after childbirth, she will be less committed to her job.

Employers also cannot reassign workers to less desirable jobs, even temporarily, due to concerns about a pregnancy. I am from Guam and I just want to let you know how bad the service I received from the same lady every single time in your Guam branch. Her name on my receipt is Zaneyda. She does not say hi or thank you, because barely any of them really do, but thats not even the reason why I am complaining.

This is actually the first time I have ever made a complaint about an associate, so that means something is really wrong, She just throws the change on the counter and after she gave me the bag she was gonna put a smaller bag in the one i already had without saying anything so she practically just shoved it in my shopping bag.

But something needs to change, your brand is awesome but having people like that can discourage many customers from repurchasing again. I come from retail and have been in it for 6 years and in our company we really value customer service and experience because our service reflects our brand. I let it go the first few times thinking maybe she just had a long day, but having dealt with her bad attitude too many times I have to speak up about it.

Visuals do the most work and do not get respected or a raise. Forever 21 is horrible. After a very long shipment time, I receive a package yesterday.

It was a very tiny box, which is odd since I ordered a jacket. I opened the box only to find out that you all shipped me the incorrect item.


See when Natick Mall and their stores are open during the holiday season. rows · Natick Mall Stores and Hours The Promenade is a , sf open air shopping center . Dec 02,  · The Natick Mall: Black friday shopping - See traveler reviews, 36 candid photos, and great deals for Natick, MA, at TripAdvisor. Natick. Natick Tourism I am here for thansgiving and I visited this mall for 4 hours and I found that this is good place for shopping for every type. Ask Karmptl about The Natick 0549sahibi.tkon: Worcester St, Natick, MA