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How the 'average Jane' changed her neighborhood. Belmar is nearly complete, and, when finished in , will have 1. Retail square footage runs between , and , presently, with Whole Foods and other retail coming online later this year.

Belmar is a shopping mall in Lakewood, CO. The shopping center hosts Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, DSW, and Target. Belmar has over 80 other shops and res.
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Belmar Mall - Belmar Mall Hotel - Hotels near Belmar Mall - Hotel close to Belmar Mall - Belmar Mall Hotels, aka Belmar Shopping Mall hotel reservations can be made here.
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Although Lakewood, Colorado, is the fifth largest city in the state, until the last decade the city had no true downtown. Instead, the Denver suburb boasted one of the country’s largest indoor shopping malls, built in the s—but by , that mall was mostly vacant.

Distance to Belmar Mall: Home Customer Service Member Login. Sales Service Select Dates for Rates and Availability In order to ensure availability, please provide your dates of travel. Motel 6 Denver - Lakewood Crosslands Denver - Lakewood West Sheraton Denver West Hotel The causes were manifold: Welcome to , the year that the mall, the staple of so many childhood memories and a longstanding pillar of suburban commerce, could finally and truly go bust.

Malls are posting the highest vacancy rates in a decade, and retail rental rates are plummeting, according to Reis, a New York firm that studies trends in commercial real estate. And the slope is precipitous: Last month, General Growth Properties , one of the biggest mall operators in the country, declared bankruptcy.

But here in Lakewood, a successful revitalization effort provides a modicum of hope for city planners nationwide. In form, Belmar resembles a scaled-down city center, with a maze of sidewalks; a grid system of streets; and residential, retail, and office units stacked tightly atop one another.

The multiuse district has attracted home buyers and renters, and generated millions of dollars for Lakewood. And developers are paying attention. In Cathedral City , Calif. In Mashpee , Mass. Each process shares common goals: Alternatively, developers would go upmarket into a lifestyle center — take off the roof, add the high-end restaurants, spruce it up.

Although the district has been hit as hard as any community by the economic malaise, 85 percent of the retail space in Belmar has been leased. Residential leasing figures are even higher: Of available rental units, 94 percent are occupied. Meanwhile, property values in Belmar are now the highest in Jefferson County. Mayor Bob Murphy says Belmar has become the kind of Main Street that malls ran out of business; the kind of gathering spot that Lakewood never had.

Belmar is nearly complete, and, when finished in , will have 1. Critically, retrofitting refers not just to sustainable architecture and the proliferation of mixed-used facilities. Bedroom communities created in the wake of World War II were low-density, high-sprawl, and decentralized or loosely connected by a small downtown.

Developers worked from a car-first perspective, liberally sprinkling in dead ends and cul-de-sacs, and skimping on sidewalks, parks, and other shared space. The classic American suburb had a tangle of single-use buildings and a dearth of public transportation. But over the past decade, with baby boomers headed toward retirement, the suburbs have weathered a profound revolution. Recent US Census data reveals a rise in childless families, and a soaring market for suburban, multiunit housing.

Meanwhile, an April Brookings Institution report shows that between and , jobs moved from city centers to first-ring suburbs, bringing younger, livelier residents. It's an asset to my neighborhood, but I don't think I'd send an out of towner here unless you see an event that attracts you. There are free summer concerts and skating during the winter holidays.

There is bocci ball with check out of equipment at the office, and particularly in the summer there are weekend festivals. There's a monthly art walk too that is quite small, but safe and pleasant. The Little India Restaurant in the center is a good Indian restaurant with a reasonably priced lunch buffet. Dinner is pricey by comparison. There are several other fun restaurant choices, some chain, with fast food across the major streets in both directions.

The Lakewood Cultural Center across Wadsworth along with a large park make it a great area to live near. Check Belmar's website for a full listing of shops and events if you are looking for a day's entertainment while visiting the Denver area. There are parking meters, but there is plenty of free parking lots around the edges of the parking center. Belmar is really nicely built. There are tons of shops and eateries to explore.

Lots of cultural and interesting shops and different types of residential facilities. Belmar is a replica of downtown Denver, Colorado. It has a theater, restaurants, and many different types of shops. There is a very small park that if you blink you could miss it. Looks like it is basically a dog walking park. The streets are narrow, with parking on both sides, and parking meters.

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If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call for assistance. Skip to main content. Belmar is located in Lakewood, Colorado and offers stores - Scroll down for Belmar shopping information: store list (directory), locations, mall hours, contact and address. Address and locations: S Teller St, Lakewood, Colorado - CO Share your opinion with users and insert mall rating and reviews for Belmar.3/5(12). Belmar is an open-air shopping district in Lakewood, CO featuring over 80 shops and restaurants, a movie theater, and a bowling alley.