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I was the only one above ground. They stared at me in complete silence and seemed completely mystified. Ugly Doll Party Supplies. Grasswalkers fit perfectly—you forget that they are on your shoes. Fashion Over 30 stylish sweaters to keep you warm this fall.

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Handcrafted Designs. Evite offers thousands of invitation and card designs to help you set the perfect tone for your party or event.
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Handcrafted Designs. Evite offers thousands of invitation and card designs to help you set the perfect tone for your party or event.

Thousands of boxes and bags accumulated for years as generous donors heard about our efforts. The donations came in faster than we could use them, but this was a good problem. He knew about our stockpile of stuff and our desire to do more for the people, so he suggested we open a thrift store in Dallas, where SFC was located. However, its vintage clothing and period items seemed to sell regardless of the economic times. People wanted vintage stuff. Having had a background in drama, and thus a love for old clothes and crazy trends, the manager turned the Treasure Box into a store that specialized in everything vintage.

The Plano and greater Dallas community have responded with overwhelming enthusiasm. We have asked our customers and supporters to back us in this effort and they have.

One very lovely lady heard about what we were trying to do and drove across the Metroplex to donate items that belonged to her mother. She was very excited about the store. The items were too elegant and valuable to give to just any thrift store or charity. The woman was glad to help us with our fund raising efforts. She walked out with a smile, a since of satisfaction and a tax-deductible receipt. People buy vintage clothing, jewelry, shoes, costumes and other period items from all over to donate them.

They bring us items found in their relatives closets, just to see our reaction to unusual, fun and weird stuff. Sometimes we think they just want to see how full we can pack the place with eclectic, random or diverse items. Donors and shoppers have fun at DVS, and we have fun with the wonderful and generous people who support us. Our customers are the most wonderful and diverse people.

We are truly thankful for the many people who talk about us to their friends, fellow entertainers, theater directors, school teachers, theme party hosts and anyone else who loves vintage clothing and costumes. DVS is now a privately owned business, and the amount of charitable donations to existing and new organizations has increased.

Central Expressway, Plano, Tx, Bookmark us! They stared at me in complete silence and seemed completely mystified. I was so embarrassed as I stuck my tail between my legs and walked back in the house seriously laughing to myself at how unusual that must have looked. With Grasswalkers I can wear my heels and not compromise my sense of style.

Grasswalkers fit perfectly—you forget that they are on your shoes. I will always keep a few pairs in my car for events. As an older woman, I have to be careful on grass. These are the perfect solution. As a woman who loves her heels more than breathing, this is a dream come true. A surprising and ingenious product! Sometimes the simplest idea is the most brilliant. Grasswalkers solve a problem many women have had when attending events on grassy lawns-that awful feeling when your high heels begin to sink into the ground.

The Grasswalkers design solves that in a clever and unobtrusive way-our guests love them! We had a party in our backyard and all my friends were asking how I could stand up so straight and walk so easily. Because they are clear, you can barely notice them!

We were thrilled with the Grasswalkers we purchased. I am so glad that I had my Grasswalkers for a recent event at a huge grass lawn…They saved my shoes and my feet. All the ladies were coming up to me asking me how I was walking in the grass with huge heels, when I showed them the Grasswalkers they went crazy. Not only did the Grasswalkers save my suede shoes from being destroyed by the grass but they also gave me stability to walk around the uneven grass event for 3 hours.

Thanks again and love the Grasswalkers! Grasswalkers were the ideal accessory for my heels. They stayed on until I ripped them off my shoes in the car on the way home. My blue suede shoes look like new! I used them for my outdoor wedding, so did my mom and some of my bridesmaids. The Grasswalkers worked great! Wanted to let you guys know that this is a genius invention. I walked on grass and kept my heels and myself from sinking!!

Great product, recommend it!! But mother knows best! The bride wrote a disclaimer on her site advising her ladies to wear appropriate shoes. I slipped my shoes on at site in car. So easy to walk in, they flex, and my steps were not stiff or stilted. The wedding ceremony was entirely on grass! I was the only one above ground. I saw one after another heels sinking into the grass which was wet from the heavy rains the night before.

Shari bless you, you saved my day and my shoes, Xox. Boy was I wrong… the design is so solid and the plastic is really strong and secure. It was a breeze walking on grass and MANY female guests at the wedding came up to me asking about how I could wear heels on grass and with a tinge of jealousy in their eyes because they had to wear wedges.

Not only is this product a life safer, but the hand written letter you sent me and the customer service I received was 5 star. They were a huge hit! Everyone thought they were unique, effective, and great gift. My daughter was married recently and the bride plus 6 bridesmaids trekked thru the Rocky Mountains for photos and the Grasswalkers worked wonderfully to keep the beautiful heals from sinking into the earth.

Grasswalkers took my order just days before the event and ensured timely receipt. The organization was so helpful and friendly and they stand behind their product. I definitely recommend them for any outdoor activity! The Grasswalkers were perfect! They worked like a charm!

So easy to use and even easier to walk in, better than heels alone! My daughter, the bride, loved wearing them and so did the entire bridal party and us moms too! Thank you for the great product and customer service! I created Grasswalkers to solve a simple but persistent problem that we all face too often-trying to avoid having your high heels sink into the grass, while still walking gracefully without ruining your heels.

I love heels of all shapes, colors and sizes, and I want to wear them everywhere, but I found myself constantly stressing over which heels would work for certain events that were held on lawns. The heel protectors that are currently on the market are just small caps that are put on the heel itself. When I tried them I still sunk in the grass! With Grasswalkers I have solved this problem. I hope you like them! Flexible transparent strips that adhere to the bottom of your favorite stilettos or thicker heels to keep them from sinking into the grass!

Grasswalkers are flexible transparent strips that adhere to the bottom of your favorite high heels to keep them from sinking into the grass, sand or dirt. You can finally wear your favorite heels to outdoor events without worrying about ruining your shoes!

Party Boxes Get Grasswalkers for your Party! Step 2 of 3 Grasswalkers strips are easy to apply. Step 3 of 3 Once applied, Grasswalkers will remain secure, prevent your heels from being damaged, and the new soft grip underside allows you to walk on both dry and damp grass with stylish ease. Such a cool product- smart invention!!!! Needless to say the invention is astounding and I am so very impressed.

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