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I'm the target market i. I feel revolted by the skeletal, pre-pubescent girls in advertising and on runways and would to like to see more relevant models of the product I'd invest in. I'd be happy to see models larger than me and as short as me. The clothes look better on thin models.

On an ordinary body, they look pretty ordinary. That's why they never make us happy or glam, and never change our lives. As you get older, you learn with luck what suits you and stick to that! It appears that the designers are attracted to the shape of pre-pubescent boys. Just imagine if the designers, instead of using a mathematical formula to scale up the patterns from size 0 upwards, spent the time to specifically design the clothes to properly fit each different size.

Great idea everyone says! Here's the problem, there are a range of people that are an Aus size 8. Each one will have a very different body shape depending on their height. So even if the designers got o all that trouble, the clothes still won't fit everyone properly that is a size 8! Then of course, it takes more design hours to individually do the pattern for each different size, so will larger people be willing to pay more money than a smaller person for the same clothes?

Larger women already pay more for their clothes, and women pay more than men for basic items. It has nothing to do with price of labor when they are all made overseas anyway. Everything to do with cheap throwaway trend and inbuilt obsolescence Mid price chain stores used to stock decent clothes in regular and plus size ranges that were cut differently according to the range and had pants that came in short, reg and tall lengths.

Now it's just scaled up cheap stuff that doesn't fit an average woman at either end of the size range. I have 20year old clothes from these places that still fit better and are better made than anything in the same store in the last 5 years What's the point of a jacket with the shoulder set 2 full inches above the natural shoulder because someone didn't adjust the sleeve insertion on the pattern every 2 sizes?

This is purely from memeory, but I recall a study that looked at the very question of why womens clothes were more expemsive and the ultimate answer it came to was that simply, women were more prepared to pay more for clothes than men.

This is perhaps the real underlying reason for the above problem as highlighted in the article, people being told and increasingly pressure on men they arent good enough if they dont consume. They are the same! According to ABS stats, the 'average' Australian woman is a size However, is that even 'ordinary' given that the average takes into account the thinner and the larger people I worked for 38 years at the ABS and never spotted a dress size stat in all that time.

Is it another "ABS" you're referring to? We are talking about France so I think you are wrong. Once the French get something in their minds it is hard to yank out.

It is not men who are demanding these models be stick thin; many men in fact appreciate fuller figures, and generally are less critical than women about these things, at least from my knowledge. And the fashion industry does not seem to be short on female representation at all levels. So who is demanding it, and why?

For the most part men have almost zero interest in the fashion industry. The best thing women can do is not pick up that copy of Vogue at the checkout. Do not pick up the fashion mags or watch all the similar stuff on TV. I was at an event for international women's day and the speaker was going on about how terribly sexist something-or-other was in Marie Claire magazine I think that is how you spell it.

I really had to rack my brain to get a vision of what that mag looked like and figure out what it was about. Women buy this garbage not men, so stop buying it, stop watching it, and a lot of judgement ends. Being very broad, Men read porn, women read fashion and celebrity magazines. Both are pornography in my opinion, both a harmless relaease until someone takes it seriously or someone gets hurt in the making.

As a grandfather of three young girls, I dispair at the dolls they play with and the hopelessly unrealistic proportions of dolls' physiques. Healthy young women obsess about slimming or toning or significantly changing their healthy and attractive bodies because of the images they absorbed in childhood.

Oh I don't know Dave. Barbie and this same conversation have been around for 50 odd years. I suspect both men and women have had opinions on the various aspects of each other's bodies since the beginning. Look at art through history and you see the "ideal" or stylised body shape of both sexes changes. Burt Reynolds used to be every woman's fantasy. I recently watched Deliverance with my daughter and she said "ew, he's so hairy". The more things change Nobody did blame men.

Sheesh, this is the best example of what-about-me I've seen. It would seem that its impossible to write an article about women without causing you offence. Even when we are not blaming men you are still complaining - why, because the article is not all about men? No-one mentioned sex appeal either.

Hi Still just visible, Sadly, there will always be a very small proportion of men out there who interpret any mention of women as a threat. And I use the term "men" loosely. Sadly, there will be an equal number of white knights who use gender shaming techniques to advertise their macho stereotypes of masculinity. Probably in the hope that such juvenile posturing draws attention away from their personalities. Which is curious, since no claim was made about it being all about sex appeal, Jacob's argument seems to specifically reject it.

It certainly couldn't even be interpretatively read as stating 'that women are all about sex'. He simply asks who's driving the trend and why, but you've gone and gotten offended mostly at your own take on his words.

This is a perfect example of why these issues are so hard to unpick, so many egos and identities to disentangle from the problem. In answer to Jacob's question it's driven by a false expectation of what is required to look good. In men, its manifest itself in body building, a belief that to be physically attractive one must be hyper-muscular. It's driven mostly by passive competition, comparing oneself to an ideal and becoming obsessed by obtaining it.

The victims of the mindset probably do believe that attractiveness to the opposite sex is a factor in their motivation, though few women profess to see body builders as good looking. There are industries devoted to selling products to maintain and feed the mindset, but it's an organic process, no one force set's out to create this status quo.

In the case of female modeling the same is true; a sense that this is what's expected to reach an optimal body image. It has an extra element though of marketing over priced trinkets and apparel through the image to it's victims.

Again its internal comparison and competition that drives the extreme, not the opposite sex, who often look on with a sense of horror at the results. Again, the fashion industry may perpetuate it but the drive comes from an innate need to benefit oneself socially. Nobody blamed men - she blamed the media which discuss these things, which are often other women.

However, I don't think she's quite correct in this. If these fashion shows and ads went on without anybody talking about them or refuting them, or pointing out how over-photoshopped they are, does she think teenage girls would then fail to pay attention to them? Does she actually believe talking about them does more damage than letting them go uncontested? As a girl who decided to opt out of trying to be as attractive as possible at an early age, I have to say that opinion pieces on the damage of unrealistic beauty, and revelations of just how false some images could be, was not damaging to me.

If anything it bolstered my existing notions. People having a conversation about unrealistic female beauty does not impact those without it, frankly. It's true that the article doesn't blame men, although it's interesting that none of the links to bad behaviour in the first paragraph relate to women.

The article is strident and emotive which arguably it should be , bur it's very nebulous when it comes to pointing the finger, using terms like 'we' and 'the industry'.

There isn't the call to arms to women that there should be, nor the acknowledgement that it's primarily women who reinforce the current situation. Equally Lauren, I find deliberately overweight people as a blight on the vista and a burden on us all via the health bills they drum up, and the excess weight and space they consume on transport modes.

But in these days of PC call someone fat which they clearly are [Chrissie Swan for example], and they cry poor poor pitiful me. There is an industry built on licensing women and girls to overeat, and under exercise, which is as dangerous as under eating disorders.

It is time the groups profiting by the status-quo of obesity were closed down. These women's groups usually Christian based are constantly attacking and trolling the likes of Jenny Craig etc. Fat is a descriptive adjective. If you don't like it,don't be it. The cries of "Poor, poor, little me" and the ensuing support from many others when the obvious is pointed out to the morbidly obese is part of a wider pattern, Nutter. For the last few decades there has been a social movement to eliminate shame from society, to eliminate the idea that certain things are shameful and that it is a valid thing to judge others on them.

The desired elimination is based on a desire to escape consequence, to be able to do whatever they want without any adverse consequences at all. It should come as no surprise that the same groups demanding to be free of "shaming" "fat shaming", "slut shaming", et al are also those demanding that the government pay for their life choices- no questions asked taxpayer funded unemployment payments if they choose not to get a job Were you aware that there is a union for the unemployed?

What will they do if their demands are not met, go on strike? The result is what we see in front of us every day- a society in which fewer and fewer people are willing to support the system and more and more people are demanding that their choices not only be accepted and even cherished, but paid for as well.

Although it's becoming less of a desire and more of an expectation. This entitlement is a hallmark of pseudofeminism and the female victim industry, which has an unhealthy level of representation at the ABC.

Who have "man size" portions marketed to them, while women are peddled smaller portions for the same price as a healthy option. With men's clothes, and I mean the 'off the rack' not tailored , the extra Xs on the XXXL could fit someone who is 'naturally' big, and someone who took the 'lifestyle option' to be big.

The high end designers, being the same ones that people complain about only catering for skinny women, don't make clothes that are designed to fit larger men. Have a look at how terrible a EU54 suit looks on an appropriately sized man, compared to the same suit in a size EU46! The 46 will be nicely tailored into the waist line and cut a good silhouette whilst the 54 will be baggy around the mid section even though it fits across the shoulders.

Men have to get clothes tailored to fit correctly just like women! My wife is a size 6 and has to get clothes altered because of her height and because of the inconsistencies between brands as to what they each call a size 6. Seems like no matter what size you are the clothes don't fit perfect I have a hard time finding clothes because the larger sizes are for men fatter than me but shorter too. I have to stick to the designers that make their clothes for tall fit men. Apologising for fat people is not just a female industry.

Ditto PI - I have just the same problem. For some reason male clothes designers seem to think that tall men are also fat. The fact there are more overweight than underweight people in Australia always seems ignored in these debates.

The solutions for both are largely the same. Balanced meals, some exercise, decent portions and having and admitting a realistic standard. What the over and under weight male and female have in common is it is their gender pushing what is right and having an unrealistic idea. One side effect that this hatred of skinny models has done is perpetuated the idea that somehow it's OK to be fat.

I go to the gym every day, and I have never seen a man or a woman that is fat that stays that way. Weather it's the garbage they eat or not exercising enough, there is no excuse for not keeping fit. My rule when I was dating was "no fat chicks" mainly because these are people that simply do not look after themselves.

I remember people called me a pig for "no fat chicks", well if appreciating somebody that looks after themselves is "pig" actions then oink oink.

Ironic though those same people are usually the ones that defend eating like one. Personally I never understood this thing against fat shaming. Just because it's not OK to be anorexic doesn't mean it's OK to be fat! Joe Tex's "Aint gonna bump no more with no big fat woman " takes on a whole new meaning. I am astonished, in equal measure, that the more our culture eats itself to death, the more we agonise over people that are thin.

The entire fashion industry is absurd and ignoring it seems the best option to me. As a woman I believe one thing is clear, this whole 'body image' topic, is a woman's construct.

Women are far more critical of other women than men tend to be, and more obsessed about appearance. And the idea that happiness can be linked to physical appearance, and what clothes you wear, or handbag you have is crap.

Wake up women, you're letting yourselves be conned. I saw a doco series recently, the female Professor presenter had hair all over the place and non-descript clothes.

She's a smart, intelligent succesful woman who clearly doesnt give a damn about superficial appearances. Now that's a female role model!. I quite liked some of the images of female astronauts floating around the space station, hair all over the place looking decidedly erratic and unattractive. But it engendered in me strong feelings of pride that women are up there on the frontiers of exploration.

This old debate again? I can't remember a time when the horror of thin models wasn't a social issue.

But this is what happens in the commercial world, and until the industry can be convinced that there is money in morals, then expect the horror show to continue. Perhaps if people stopped buying the mags and products, the commercial world would change. Apologies for the pun. There was an interesting study done in the 's looking at what men find is an attractive body shape and then compareing that to fertiltiy. It is known that a woman is most healty and fertile with a BMI between about 19 and The study then looked at playboy models.

And models in the 50s and 60s were often plump by standards of the day. And it's no surprise that Marylin Monroe remains a household name yet few of us could name any current-day models because unlike today's skeletons she had curves which could really capture one's attention. I've heard another theory that the aesthetics around beauty are supposed to reflect wealth. In the renaissance busty was in vogue, presumably because being fat meant you could afford to be. Now thin is in; with personal trainers and a strict regimen of dietician-approved organics showing the way.

Likewise, in parts of Asia, to be fair used to be considered beautiful - a sign you didn't need to work outside. Whereas over here, having a tan was the go. You can get your pasty face down to the beach etc. Just a theory anyway. Yes, "beautiful" tends to mean "obviously affluent" as well as having some physical markers of fertility.

It's especially hilarious that after tanned skin has been conclusively shown to age you and increase your chance of getting skin cancer, people continue to dye their skin to emulate the unhealthy look. Maybe we should just be dying our skin green or purple, it's no different from dying it orange. And even where fatness has not been considered beautiful, it often hasn't been considered so negatively as some Western cultures perceive it.

Think who used to be depicted as fat: As for fat people and their health costs, frail, sickly people with asthma or allergies are just as likely to be a continual drain on the system, and don't even get me started on people with mental health problems. Yet it's considered bad form to mock them. You don't have to read it in Playboy. The pictures alone tell you what men like to look at as assumed by other men, and not assumed by women - that there is the crucial difference.

Dove and SimonP38, Playboy has a long standing reputation as a resource for excellent articles and writing. I can't say that I've ever noticed it ;. I am so glad men are no longer judged on their appearance.

I just don't know how to break the news to all those young guys regularly whipping off to the gym to shape and define their bodies in the mistaken belief women still find that kind of thing attractive though. People will always be drawn to attractive people. Increasing the chances of having good looking offspring is part of it.

Many bad matches occur as a result. Developing one's own personal style is part of identity formation. We all deliberately groom ourselves in the way we want others to see and judge us. Appearing deliberately ungroomed is itself a statement. The only women I've met who insist on muscled boyfriends were the same kind of women lapping up Twilight, 50 Shades and other nonsense romance, and fretting about their appearance and diet constantly. Have fun dating those girls. If I were a lesbian, they'd be enough to turn me straight.

Actually I have ticked off those qualities already Ann. Doesn't do me a lot of good. What do you reckon, add humility as well? I think you can add Tinder to the recipe. Not my business but I can't help feeling just a bit snippy about it. Put it down to jealousy. Not sure if you're trolling here but a 'tad underweight'? I'm not sure how you can emulate a body type.

You're kind of stuck with the one you have. If we stopped making a fuss about this type is "good" and this type is "bad" there would be no problem.

How many skinny men buy protein powder in an attempt to bulk up? And how many girls buy laxatives in an attempt to slim down? Wishing to change your body type is a big industry. Emulation IS the problem, Clicky. Girls become anorexic or bulimic in the attempt to create a body closer to the approved model. Dysmorphia ensures that what the girls see in the mirror is an exaggeration of their greatest fears about themselves - that is why the saturation of super-thin imagery is such a problem.

Most people are quite unaware of the ways in which the media manipulate us, especially when it comes to self-image. It isn't about "if we stopped making a fuss"; until more people wake up to what is going on, the problem will continue. Which is why I said we should stop making a fuss - ie stop implying an ideal exists. I say stop worrying about "good" and "bad" and people will stop emulating because it won't occur to them they need to.

Concentrate on overall health, regardless of body type. No Chocko, i'm not trolling here. Could someone please let Dr Rosewarne know that the wine bar table she's sitting at with a few other terminally aggrieved, perpetually disenchanted friends of hers for the past five hours has been bugged and her comments are being distributed to a wider audience without her knowledge.

The author - despite being a senior lecturer at a fine university - is woefully ignorant of the fashion industry.

At fashion shows, the clothes you see are one-of-a-kind. They don't come in multiple sizes. They are constructed on modelling mannequins that only come in one size that is standardized across the industry. It is only after doing shows and meeting with fashion buyers that the quantities are actually determined and the design is scaled up into different sizes ready for production.

It is much, much more difficult to scale a design down. It takes many more head hours and isn't economic. This is why professional runway models are all the same size - and skinny - otherwise they wouldn't fit into the clothes that have been lovingly and painstakingly created.

This size, by the way, has been constant for many many decades. It has not been shrunk. Models are the same size now as they were thirty or fifty years ago. The truth is that the rest of us have simply gotten bigger. If ever there has been an ill-informed piece of commentary written from an ivory tower, this is it. If you want to criticise the fashion industry, at least understand the basics of how it works.

The writer calls it a 'toxic industry'. I beg to differ. In fact this industry employs tens of thousands of Australians - the vast majority of whom are these very same women who are meant to feel 'damaged' by the advertising. The vast majority of customers who enthusiastically embrace the products that the fashion industry serve up are also incredibly not crying into their Jenny Craig about feeling objectified and exploited.

Sure, the might diet now and then and want to drop a dress size, but they don't obsess about it. You know what most people do? They just enjoy it. They go shopping, they read some magazines, they buy some stuff that makes them feel good. They don't over intellectualise it or snarkily complain that the models are too skinny.

If we were as influenced by this industry as the writer seems to think we are, there would be a hell of a lot fewer overweight people walking on the streets. And they would certainly be better dressed. I think it's time for the ABC to realise that the opinions of the writer are not in the mainstream. Going to university and reading Germaine Greer does not make one an authority on an industry the writer obviously knows absolutely nothing about.

It is mean spirited, head-in-the-clouds posturing that has no connection to the real feelings of the average person in the street. Then why not change the "one size that is standardized" to be a bit bigger?. Your defence doesn't make much sense. Regardless, if people want to spend their money on over-priced 'designer' clothes, go for it, it's a free country. Changing that 'one size standard' to a larger size would mean that the sizing of the design would also have to be done downward as well as upward.

In terms of work flow that is actually an expensive and cumbersome process. I mentioned that in the first paragraph.

The fashion industry is under enough pressure already from rapid internet knock-offs and razor thin margins. Stupid ideas like 'making all the mannequins bigger' from people like yourself who knows nothing about the coalface of the industry achieves nothing.

You're making the assumption that all fashion designers and clothing manufacturers are working off the same sizes to begin with. First we have the country-wide systems, where a size 10 in the US may be a size 47 or a size 8 or a size 14 somewhere else. Then we have the fact that different stores simply measure their sizes different to others.

Look in the wardrobe of any woman, thin or fat, and you will find a mix of sizes around one central average size. Say she is normally a 12 - she will have items in sizes 10, 14, maybe even an 8 or She hasn't magically changed body size to fit in all those different clothes differently.

Because the sizes have been given different numbers in different countries does not mean that the design process is any different!!!!! The basic technique for creating garments and sizing them up is consistent.

It makes no sense to do it any other way. The torso mannequins which are used to create the samples are the same. What you see in stores and so on is irrelevant. Those are post-production clothes.

Those are not the ones that need models to fit into the one of a kind samples that they are trying to get the industry buyers to make orders for. Models are required to be skinny so that they fit into pre-production clothes. Why not change the stereotype of the male action hero to be a little less suicidally brave? All the fashion industry is doing is encouraging women to be thin. The action movie industry is encouraging men to risk their lives to pander to the unrealistic female desires and expectations.

Where's the street-wise Hercules to fight the rising odds? Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed? Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need "I need a hero I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night He's gotta be strong And he's gotta be fast And he's gotta be fresh from the fight" - Bonnie Tyler.

First rule of opnion pieces is that they are opinions Thats the blooming point Second rule is that they are not necessarily written by the ABC, as in this case. Yes ABC staff do contribtue a significant portion of the peices but i doubt it would be close to a majority. Anyone can submit a piece, you just need an opinion it need not be mainstream. Much like th fahsion shoes you speak of, the opinions propses here in the drum may be one of a kind, Once the opinion struts down the thoughtwalk you then get all sorts of zies and varitey commenters are free to agree or disagree with it free to agree or disagree with each other.

But 'in theory', communism works. If 'anyone can submit a piece', why do the pieces that make it never diverge from the PC nanny-state ABC narrative? C'mon - that's laughable. Do you think that the entire industry decided one day they were all going to go off and buy smaller mannequins to do their designing on?

If it's your view that issues around eating disorders are 'laughable' that's your business but I've seen them first hand and it's not cool.

What's laughable is the idea that models haven't changed in 50 years. Compare the 'thigh gap' on the photo for this article with a fashion spread even a bikini model from the 60s or 70s and judge for yourself. It does not exist to sell copy unlike fashion mags. It exists to further science relating to eating disorders, hardly 'laughable'. If you have evidence it's wrong submit a correction to the journal and they'll correct their article. It's how science works.

Science corrects itself when vested interests come into play. What's actually laughable is the suggestion that models are the same size and shape as 40 or 50 years ago. Check out the legs on the photo at the top of the page and ask yourself where you ever saw a 'thigh gap' on a 70's bikini model. Bikini models are a different kettle of fish entirely. The main issue there is low amounts of body fat so that the material doesn't 'dig in' to the flesh and make it look uncomfortable.

Sizing doesn't play as big a part. Furthermore, I realise where your misunderstanding might have come from about the mannequins. You would be talking about display mannequins that appear in shops. Those are designed for post-production clothes. They have nothing to do with the design process that creates pre-production clothes for use in runways and often in magazine advertising although sometimes magazine shoot will be post production - products like shoes for example.

The torso manequins used for design remain unchanged. Yes, ML, they did. Her name was 'Twiggy'. She became a phenomenon in the 's and 70's. Prior to that the curvy movie stars were the models that most young women tried to emulate.

Too bad for those girls who were not well endowed, but many a cleavage was enhanced by the discreet placement of folded handkerchiefs or tissues.

Well after her death, it was discovered that even Marilyn Monroe used similar strategic placement of padding. Women's clothes used to be designed not just to fit around curves but to enhance them. This required more skill and artistry than making a simple straight shift dress, therefore a higher cost of production.

But then, this was in a society that valued quality workmanship, not one with a throw-away mentality. As the latter generates repeated profits it came to dominate in the marketplace.

Sadly, the people who embrace this model can only do so by the exploitation of the labor of other women in poorer countries. Skinny models are the direct result of profiteering by the fashion industry. Marylin Munroe was a size Fourteen So yea the industry does sort of collude on this sort of thing, really it's what sells though so we the market place is part of that collusion.

We have whole genres of chic lit on this doesn't anybody remember Bridget Joneses diary? The question is why are woman being this market place I don't get the Kardashians at all but Kim has her constant weight battles, so is it about a sort of access to the glamour that keeps the market place invested in this.

There was a great skit on the TV show Miranda where Miranda hart walks up to a plump plain woman and does a reverse Trina and Susannah asking her if she likes her clothes if they are comfortable and practical etc.

Marilyn Monroe was not the equivalent of a Size 14 by today's standards. This is a complete myth. An actress who was given roles because of her embodiment of the then-current notion of attractiveness. Not much different at all, ML. Unless one wants to suggest that current high fashion catwalk models aren't attractive. Not only do hourglass, chubby women not look good in the shapeless dresses that skinny models wear, but skinny women themselves are often not flattered by dresses that attempt to show off one's curves - because they don't have any.

Why, then, are all clothes based on how skinny women look, and then "sized up"? Tall women and short women look better in different things - should all clothes be designed for short women and then "sized up"? And thus another model is required at short notice to fit the doll clothes. That doesn't make it above criticism.

There's a lot of criticism to go around, in both industries. Buying new clothes doesn't make you feel good unless you feel you have a need for them. Fashion marketing engineers that need.

Please, we know perfectly well how marketing works and the fashion industry is a textbook case of making a product and then convincing people they need it, instead of the other way around. Once again, Ann, you make the mistake of assuming that the industry in question wants to make "chubby" women an element of their market.

It does not want to. Many top fashion labels to not make their clothes in larger sizes. Victoria's Secret, for example, does not make products in larger sizes the largest bra size they make is an 18E and does not want to.

They only size things up to a certain point before they get to sizes they simply do not want to cater to. Once again, reaver, you've have missed the point that an industry that insists everyone pay attention to it, but only deigns to "speak" to hot, thin, young things, is just asking for criticism.

Not to mention, sorry but the top ten flagship brands are not the "fashion industry". Older women actually spend a lot of money on clothes. Who do you think buys haute couture? There are tons of brands and stores out there that target them, and they still dress up thin young women as their models. You know who shops at Myer? It's not year-olds with their first credit cards.

That's a fail, ML. The very existence of the fashion industry is indefensible regardless of how many people it employs. It is completely and utterly unnecessary and produces nothing of any real or practical value. It promotes the worst excesses of useless, conspicuous consumption, not to mention completely unrealistic body images to vulnerable young people.

Anorexia probably wouldn't exist if not for the monster that is the fashion industry. We do not need business suits or evening gowns that cost thousands of dollars, and the vast majority of people - those who live outside the fashion bubble - don't want them.

We only need clothes that protect us from the elements. The industry is built on a foundation of vacuum and has ZERO merit. Value is a subjective measure, Greenkiller. The fashion industry only cares about the value judgements of those considering buying their clothes.

You are clearly not one of those people so your value judgement will be worth nothing to them. You do not think they have merit and they do not care. We are making the value judgement that over-consumption is a death sentence for this planet and in the short term always ends in an economic crash. Fashion can't bring together any facts to refute that, so it just cowers under "post-modern socio-cultural relevance" and other such fruity nonsense.

If they do not care about your opinions, Ann and Greenkiller, then they will not change their behaviour based on your opinions. You want the industry to change based on your opinions, but give the industry no reason to take your opinions into consideration. Your implication is that expressing my opinion regarding the fashion industry is futile. More and more people are waking up to what the industry represents, and rejecting it, because of public opinion.

France - the capital of which is virtually synomynous with the industry - has already acted on one of the dangerous elements of the industry. Others could well follow.

And to clarify, I don't want the industry to change. I want it to cease to exist. As we consume more finite resources and as the population increases, useless endeavours such as fashion will inevitably end. Can't agree with any of your assertions. There are no excuses at all for extremely tiny samples - NONE - grading is irrelevant in this context. People don't enjoy seeing an extreme minority of females paraded as walking clothes hangers, we do enjoy well designed clothing that is either inspirational or buyable.

The influence the industry has is huge because all fashion shows, release of Pantone colors for the seasons etc are watched - and all we see from the fashion industry is TOXIC nonsense. Actually - people DO enjoy it. If they didn't, the industry would have changed already. The Victoria's secret show is massive for example. New York, Paris and Milan fashion weeks are going from strength to strength. Fashion websites are hugely successful.

Most people in this world do not care about the PC politics you are talking about. They just get on with their lives and enjoy it. For most people fashion is a bit of fun that they enjoy. Perhaps you should take this industry, and yourself, a little less seriously. You are forgetting an important principle when it comes to contemporary media and event spectacles, ML. The principle states 'What appears is good. What is good appears'. When people are making their way into and up the industry, they perpetuate the ideals presented by the current 'winners' in order to be noticed and successful themselves.

Observers, from casual to paid, notice which ones become successful again and again and assume that what the successful teams are doing has the 'it ' factor. On the contrary Applaudanum, it is the companies that do something new and capture the zeitgeist that really make an impact and make the transition from pretender to performer. PR is only effective if they have something new to talk about, after all.

Making your products look good and desirable is important in any industry. Now, cars do not get photographed in front of garbage tips for a reason Coke cans are photographed in ice buckets so they look cold and refreshing. Laundry powders are photographed in pristine impeccably clean laundries that probably don't reflect the state of average laundries we would find in the general population.

Neither are clothes put on frumpy, overweight women. The look of the environment ie. It's pretty simple marketing.

Except this is in the context of the French government's plans to regulate the use of skinny models by fashion designers. Which I doubt is an outcome of whatever opinion the author holds. Observing people who are extremely fat or thin, extremely rude or negative, extremely negative, extremely pedantic or opinionated are experiences we all encounter at times and most of us feel disturbed by the extremism.

There is a difference though, in respect to thinness. The causal evidence is all around us in the advertising and the movies. If you are thin and sexy, then as a woman you know that you will be treated as special and favoured by male teachers, bosses, lecturers, colleagues and generally by most males in society.

The research is quite clear about the benefits of being sexy. Hence, women and men increasingly spend significant amount of their time investing in their curves and looks. The cosmetic surgery industry is now substantial and growing every year. Of course, the ultimate look is to be very youthful looking and slim. The ultimate shape of sexiness and desire. So some women go to the extreme and become too thin being driven by their obsession to look desirable.

A few women who are anorexic are unable to control their condition but they make up a very small minority of the obsessively thin women, who are not victims, but know exactly what they are doing. See, there's part of the problem right there - you say "if you are thin and sexy". Furthermore, "you know that you will be treated as special and favoured by male teachers, bosses, lecturers, colleagues and generally by most males in society" is almost certainly untrue.

As referenced elsewhere in the comments, studies and there have been many show that men prefer women that are curvier. You clearly subscribe to the theory that women clamour to appeal to men, yet what men actually want is quite distant from what women in your view perceive men's desires as. Women who are thin look more youthful and sexy and desirable particularly for older men who are more relevant to this discussion because they have more money and power than younger men.

Please provide the references that show 'men' prefer curvier women to slimmer more youthful looking women. I cannot find any references to your claim. Not fat, not skinny, but just right, like Goldilocks bed. The industry is wanting to sell the clothes, not the girls, Helvi, so it only matters whether the clothes look good. It is shameful that the fashion industry presents such a narrow view of 'beauty'. There are some women who are 'just right'.

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