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Introducing Your World's Best Socks. R-Gear Socks fit, feel and perform better than any active sock.

In our tests, runners also liked the comfort, fit, and low-profile design.

Janji is a socially conscious running apparel startup that makes impressive running gear at an accessible price point, and each purchase helps fund organizations working to end the global water crisis.
Your guide to the latest running shoes, gear and accessories.
Your guide to the latest running shoes, gear and accessories.
Janji is a socially conscious running apparel startup that makes impressive running gear at an accessible price point, and each purchase helps fund organizations working to end the global water crisis.
Shop for Women's Running Clothes at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. Top quality, great selection and expert advice you can trust. % Satisfaction Guarantee. Shop for Women's Running Clothes at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. Top quality, great selection and expert advice you can trust. % Satisfaction Guarantee.
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You spend a lot of time in your running clothes, so spend the money when you feel it’s worth it – like that jacket you eye every time you pass the Nike store – and save the money on things you don’t care about (for me, that’s socks!).

Perfect shirt for a day in the sun. See All Buying Options. Fabric appreciated by the receiver of this gift. Good value for a lightening deal. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Not in the mood to spend alot on a brand name item, given im hoping to lose weight. That said- who wants to be cold? Well priced, very aethetically pleasing and keeps me warm I may make this permanent.

Really love this shirt. I purchased the size I would normally wear even though the size chart showed that would be too small, but it fits fine. There was enough support for running and it didn't flop around during yoga either - perfect. Love the cute straps. The fabric is good and it looks well made, but I haven't had it long enough to say for sure. The only thing I think could be improved is the pattern I chose - it looks a little like the graphics were too low resolution to be printed at that size, making everything a little blurry.

But it is still bright and colorful, and I will probably buy more from this brand. After the race, the fabric did get a little worn where the race number tracking chip Honestly, I am blown away by the quality of these pants!

They give the best support of any pants of this type I have ever used. The design is brilliant, with multi-levels of support depending on the body part. Both my back and my stomach felt strongly supported, yet without any binding or overcompression. Not too sure about the behind the knee thing, but it felt fine. This is the second Core10 item I have, and At this point, it is now my go-to brand for athletic wear. I am in LOVE with these athletic pants. They are so comfortable and flattering at the same time that I want to buy another pair.

I am 5'3" lbs and I got a large. The length is a little bit too long for me, but nothing that i can't shift around to make look ok. I could've probably gone down to a medium, but the large fit me just right, with a tiny but of wiggle room.

These do not pull anywhere or make you feel restricted in any way, shape, or form. If comfort is your 1 priority, these are just for you.

The back of the knees have a see through mesh that is very discreet and hardly noticeable, but a nice touch to keep that area a little bit more dry. These can be washed but hang dry only. Once these become available again, I am buying The force is strong with these. They are perfect for that conflicted, totally confusing waist height yoga look that Kylo Ren would be proud of.

This is my 3rd pair of these tights Now that I have the tights with the cell phone pocket I don't want any that don't have it.. Will buy more from this brand as long as the prices are affordable and I get good quality. I have nothing negative to say about the fit. The stitching is excellent, looks like it'll handle a good amount of abuse.

In the Vívosport, Garmin combines the best of its stable of fitness trackers—from an always-visible display to automatic exercise detection to heart-rate monitoring to GPS—and does it quite well. We conducted research, surveyed readers, interviewed industry and exercise-physiology experts, walked, ran and ran some more , slept, grocery-shopped, jumping-jacked, swung kettlebells, analyzed user experience, and got many a curious look from passersby.

After more than hours of all that activity, we determined that the Garmin Vívosport is the best fitness tracker for most people. The Vívosport checks off nearly all of the boxes: It tracks steps and stairs climbed, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep statistics; it has a relatively long battery life up to seven days without GPS and full waterproofing for wearing while you shower or swim.

The Vívosport is also by far the most reliable in terms of its automatic activity tracking, which Garmin calls Move IQ. You can set the running auto-detection to begin after as little as one minute of activity Fitbit and Samsung record from, at shortest, 10 minutes and I was amazed not only at how accurately it triggered on a run and automatically paused at any stop, but also that it was able to find a GPS signal and record a map of where I jogged, without me manually selecting a timed run activity.

The Vívosport also automatically detects continuous walking starting at five minutes with GPS. A new feature of the Vívosport is a stress-tracking gauge, which uses heart-rate variability HRV —the time interval between heart beats , which when erratic has been correlated to stress—to ascribe a current stress level and a weekly record. Check out our full review of fitness trackers for more information on the Vívosport , as well as some alternative picks for other uses.

Blisters and dangling toenails are common reasons for runners to see a podiatrist after running Along with a well-fitting pair of shoes, training and racing in running-specific socks will help prevent problems and keep your feet healthy.

Softer and tougher than anything else and backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty. After having eight university distance runners help test four of the top running socks, we recommend the Darn Tough Tab No Show Light Cushion for men and women. They have an unparalleled reputation for durability that makes them a favorite among Pacific Crest Trail backpackers. Made from a blend of merino wool and nylon, which is an ideal running-clothing material , these sweat-wicking socks keep feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

They also keep feet dry, which is crucial for blister prevention. Merino blends cost a bit more than other fabrics but wick better than cotton and resist odor better than synthetic—both of which are highly desirable traits in a running sock.

Testers preferred the comfort and fit of the Darn Tough socks over that of the competition because of the softer feel and less prominent seams.

In comparison, they found the seam on the top portion of the Icebreaker Multisport Cushion Micro socks to be more coarse and irritating. A few runners testing the Patagonia Lightweight Merino Run Anklet socks reported issues with seams rubbing on the outside of the big and little toes. Overall, the comfortable fit, moisture management, durability, and odor resistance of the Darn Tough Tab No Show Light Cushion socks make them well worth the premium over synthetic and cotton counterparts, which you can find for half the price.

Because feet come in a variety of sizes and shapes, having a single pick for the best running shoe is nearly impossible.

Jim is a podiatrist, a distance-running coach at McGill University in Montreal, and a former employee at a running specialty store who is familiar with how difficult getting the right shoes can be. Try on a bunch of shoes, then go back to the couple of pairs that seemed most comfortable.

For our running shoe guides for men and women , our testers ran about 3, miles in total. We found that the Mizuno Wave Rider 21 for men and the Brooks Ghost 10 for women are the best neutral running shoes. A correctly fitting sports bra can significantly reduce breast discomfort during high-impact exercise. After more than 40 hours of research and testing, talking to eight experts over three years, comparing hundreds of bras, and evaluating feedback from a total of 20 testers, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all sports bra.

This encapsulation bra with underwire offers full coverage and extra lift, as well as deeper cups and wide and comfortable straps. This underwire encapsulation bra offers additional support and has easy-to-adjust straps. The Elomi comes in 61 sizes, has deeper cups, and comes up higher on the chest and sides than the Panache, making it a full-coverage bra that should help prevent any spillage during a vigorous workout.

The Panache comes in 66 sizes and the underwire offers additional support. A high-support combination bra with a comfortable, seamless, sweat-wicking design. Its straps adjust in the front with Velcro, letting runners make mid-run fit modifications.

They use Velcro, and you can adjust them from the front while still wearing the bra, making this bra the easiest to customize out of any we tested.

The supersmooth, breathable material and seamless inner lining make this bra one of the most comfortable we looked at; with firm straps and band, it offers ample support without underwire or excess hardware that digs into skin. The Spot Comfort has cup definition to prevent the uniboob look, and ample side and front coverage still keep larger breasts secure while running.

With padded, adjustable, vertical straps and a back clasp, the Spot Comfort is easy to put on and take off compared with a traditional pull-on racerback. This medium-support compression bra for smaller cup and band sizes is comfortable, supportive, and a cinch to pull on and take off.

We chose to divide categories based on cup sizes: Your choice will come down to personal preference, but after three years of research and testing, we think this is the best way to break down these categories to provide the most support and comfort to as many people as possible. Our full guide outlines the pros and cons of many worthy bras. As the temperatures begin to fall, you can best keep your hands warm and dry with liner gloves. If temps get really cold, you can always add a shell or a mitten.

We like merino liners because all of the natural sweat-wicking, odor-resisting characteristics that make the material great for socks apply to gloves as well. After having 10 collegiate track runners, both men and women, test five pairs of merino liner gloves, we recommend Smartwool Liner Gloves , which offer the best combination of durability, touchscreen sensitivity on the thumb and index finger, and warmth.

In our tests, Outdoor Research Biosensor Liners also worked great with touchscreens but lacked the durability of the Smartwool gloves. Activities other than running will cause them to wear out more quickly.

They also tend to stick and snag on Velcro. So if your skin is sensitive to wool, these gloves may not be for you. Not great for touchscreen use, but the softer and more durable material is a nice upgrade if comfort is your priority. These gloves, made with a less coarse merino wool fabric as opposed to a knit material , have a softer, less itchy feel than our main pick; in fact, a couple of our testers were surprised to find out that a glove this soft could really be wool.

Both tapping and pinching to zoom are extremely frustrating. Although in our tests the Icebreaker Quantum Gloves were slightly better for touchscreen use, we found that the capacitive material on the thumb and index fingers was stiffer than the glove material—we almost had to fight against the glove to maintain a clenched fist.

If you need to interact with a touchscreen, stick with the Smartwool gloves. The right winter running gear can help you stay warm, comfortable, and motivated to get outside. A running beanie will help to protect your head and ears from the elements. Our previous top pick, the Ibex Woolies 2 Earflap Beanie, which is now unavailable, had a contoured bottom edge that acted as a pair of minimally intrusive earflaps. This design allows you to protect your ears from the elements without needing to pull the beanie down over your eyes.

It also fits well on a variety of head shapes and sizes. If you want a lightweight running beanie or one to wear in moderate to cool weather no colder than mids Fahrenheit , the Icebreaker Chase Beanie is a good option. Constructed with a lighter-grade 97 percent merino fabric, the Chase Beanie features the traditional beanie design.

As long as you keep in mind the conditions the Chase Beanie is built for, it will provide sufficient protection. A windproof exterior combines with the comfort of merino. Great for people who have long hair or who overheat in a beanie. Our pick, the Smartwool PhD Hyfi Training Headband , features a windproof polyester exterior combined with a merino interior. This design gives it all the comfort of merino and makes it more protective against the elements compared with the wool-only Icebreaker Quantum Headband.

And like the Ibex beanie, the Smartwool headband has a contoured edge that provided ample ear coverage to all the runners who tried it in our tests.

These tights are warmer, more comfortable, and more stretchable that is, the fabric can tolerate pulling without tearing or losing form than any other pair we tested.

These tights proved the warmest and most comfortable of the bunch, and all our testers commended them for their flattering fit and shape. Our tests gave this pair the edge in warmth the most important factor. But accidents and medical events can happen without warning. A dedicated identification band can take care of that. This band puts all of your important medical info on your wrist in plain writing, where first responders who always check your pulse are most likely to see it.

This adjustable identification band displays personal and health information on a replaceable stainless-steel tag that you wear right where first responders are most likely to notice it. In our tests, runners also liked the comfort, fit, and low-profile design. When our testers wore the Wrist ID Sport in conjunction with some other running gear for this guide, a couple of them completely forgot that they had it on.

While the prospect of a shoelace-mounted ID sounds convenient, a bracelet will be more visible, according to Dr.

John Sillery, assistant medical director of the emergency department at Highlands Medical Center. If you run with a GPS watch or a fitness tracker, consider the 1BandID , which is an adjustable neoprene and Velcro sleeve that attaches to the band of a watch or tracker. While the 1BandID does add bit of bulk, runners with a watch or a tracker may prefer using this accessory instead of wearing a wristband-style ID band.

In an interview, Gallagher offered a number of recommendations for runners looking for nighttime safety gear. Our product testing, conducted on roads that were both pitch black and dimly lit, backed up that general advice and offered more nuance.

In particular, we found that nothing attracted more attention than reflective materials around the feet and ankles; we also discovered that products with large amounts of reflective area outperformed the competition, and that items designed for use in variable weather conditions or without daily washing are more versatile. If you want a single piece of reflective gear that you can wear every day to stay noticeable around cars, this is the choice for you.

In our tests, this band was extremely reflective from all angles, well constructed, and comfortable to wear. It proved to be more useful and versatile in a variety of conditions compared with many of the other reflective-gear options we tested, and the pricing is great, too.

Made with 3M Scotchlite material, which radiated a bright white when hit with light, this band outperformed other anklets such as the Nathan Tri-Color Reflective Ankle Band. The Nathan model glowed in three colors as promised, but the overall effect was not as visible as what the solid-white reflective material on the Road ID band produced.

We also like that the Road ID model is usually a few bucks cheaper per band than the Nathan model. Vests are highly visible from any angle and versatile for all conditions, and this model is more visible and adjustable than the competition. Although you can get away with just a set of ankle bands and be quite visible, our experts agreed that adding more reflective material on your torso or hands is a smart choice. Amphipod claims that the Xinglet has up to 40 percent more reflective area than most standard running vests, and although precisely confirming that claim was impossible, we could clearly see that the Xinglet had more reflective area than the Nathan Streak and Zivalo 3M Scotchlite vests.

Our testers, which included a 6-foot-2 man and a 5-foot-4 woman, found the vest simple to adjust for different height and waist sizes. So if you need specialized running apparel, choosing items with reflectivity features offers some obvious added benefits. With that in mind, we also tested reflective running gear in numerous categories, including hats, jackets, shirts, tights, socks, and laces. In addition, many of the products were less versatile pieces useful only in certain weather conditions, or items like shirts and socks, which require a wash after every use.

They are moderately eye-catching from the side but not visible to a car coming behind you. Because this device does not depend on light from a car headlight to be noticeable, our test driver was able to see this product in pulse mode from a greater distance than any reflective product we tested.

Once the car got closer, though, the reflective anklets were more visible. The manufacturer says the battery will last at least 70 hours; replacement requires nimble work with tiny screws. Bright, durable, and long-running, the Spot offers the best mix of the most important features at an attainable price.

If you want to be especially visible at night, or if you run in areas where the streetlight coverage is less than ideal, we suggest running with a headlamp to see and be seen. The design is lightweight and packable, as well as splashproof and dustproof, and it also has a red LED to preserve your night vision.

Myles Apparel makes casual wear that crosses into sportswear, and this is a truly fashionable runner’s short. Featherweight polyester stretches with your stride, while secure zip pockets mean you’re ready for a night run or a night out. You spend a lot of time in your running clothes, so spend the money when you feel it’s worth it – like that jacket you eye every time you pass the Nike store – and save the money on things you don’t care about (for me, that’s socks!). Shop for Women's Running Clothes at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. Top quality, great selection and expert advice you can trust. % Satisfaction Guarantee. Shop for Women's Running Clothes at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. Top quality, great selection and expert advice you can trust. % Satisfaction Guarantee.