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I wanted to pay my bill online, but their site was down. Cancel reply Leave a Comment. This is a HUGE corporation. She does however go to my school.

Contact Us. By email: Click here to email Old Navy Customer Service By phone: Please dial for relay service. By mail: Old Navy Canada Customer Service, McLaughlin, Road North, Brampton, ON, L6X 0B8, Canada.
Feb 19,  · In Old Navy expanded internationally with 12 stores in Canada. Today Old Navy has more than 1, locations in the U.S., Canada, and Japan selling clothing and accessories for women, men, and kids. Old Navy FAQs. Question 1: What is the phone number for Old Navy? Answer 1: The phone number for Old Navy is () /5(4).
Contact Old Navy Visa Customer Service. Find Old Navy Visa Customer Support, Phone Number, Email Address, Customer Care Returns Fax, Number, Chat and Old Navy Visa FAQ. Speak with Customer Service, Call Tech Support, Get Online Help for Account Login/5(4).
For security, when you choose
For security, when you choose
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Old Navy's Best Toll-Free/ Customer Phone Number This is Old Navy's best phone number, the real-time current wait on hold and tools for skipping right through .

Old Navy is one of the most popular clothing sites for young adults and mature teens. The company focuses marketing on these two genres, but there are clothes ranging in size from infant to plus size adult. When you apply for credit for Old Navy, you are applying for the store and Visa card at the same time. The Visa card allows customers to spend money outside of Old Navy using the card, but the store card limits purchases to Old Navy. Old Navy Visa does not issue credits for returned merchandise until prompted by Old Navy retail to do so.

This is another reason it is important to have both forms of contact. The mailing address for GE Money is:. The best official website for Old Navy Visa is http: This is the page of the Old Navy retail site that explains the credit card rewards and benefits. If you want a more detailed page about the credit terms and conditions, visit https: This is the application page for the Old Navy Visa card. There is no email address for Old Navy Visa customer service. There is a general email for Old Navy customers, but if you use this email address to contact a representative about your Visa account you will not receive the response you are looking for.

Old Navy Customer Support store: Similar to any other credit card company, customers must endure a lengthy automated system before having the ability to communicate with an actual customer service agent. We waited for more than 5 minutes before a customer scare agent answered the call. After they answered the call, we asked for information relating to payment assistance programs. Each of the programs has its own set of requirements and the agent explained approval depends on the standing of your account.

The final piece of advice offered included contacting the customer service department prior to a late payment. I will no longer be an avid Old Navy shopper nor will I continue to recommend the company to others. I want to say that my family will not be purchasing anything from Old Navy until Amy Shumer is off your advertising.

She is vindictive and raunchy, and rude. I honestly can not believe you want her as your face for Old Navy! You need someone that Is the face of America. She is not that at all! If they arrive by the 27th it will have taken 28 days to ship to me. Not only is this after Christmas, but old navy customer service just informed me that 2 of my items are no longer in stock.

This is a lure and switch. From researching Old Navy online, it appears there are financial issues. However, I would carefully consider evaluating your systems if you can not keep up with the volume of orders during Christmas time and stay alive against the competition. I think you should hire a rebranding expert and invest in staff training! And offering an apology and a 10 percent savings on the next order does not do justice for us moms who are already trying to make ends meet during the holidays.

I hope the new COO reads this and thanks for listening! The service is the absolute worst. I have ordered from multiple stores and received my items in days. I ordered my items 17 days ago and still not received. Even asked if I needed to order elsewhere to be sure I had my gifts.

I was again assured I receive everything I ordered. Low and behold, I am now getting emails with items out of stock and not being sent. I am fustrated because I had a charge on my account that I did not do.

It was in another city. Old navy took care of it and credited me back. The problem is I was to receive a new card. I have called to find out where the card is and they keep saying they sent it out to me.

So they change my account number and say they are sending me a card. I called today and they assured me that I will get the card in 7 to 10 days. I even tried to exchange this item at the stores and the Associates act like they never seem this item before.

I realize this is an extremely busy time of year, but the Customer Service at Oldnavy. I have waited at least 30 minutes at least 5 different occasions in the last 2 days to speak with an agent regarding my order. And of course, there is no speaking to those agents even after waiting over a half hour on numerous occasions!!! I have had more problems with Oldnavy. They just canceled it. If this company is run this badly I think the Executives need to know and find out WHAT is going on in their warehouse?

I will never spend another dollar with Old Navy or Gap Inc. Several people I know will be boycotting your products. This is the type of person you want the youth of America relating to? What were you thinking? Obviously you were not! I have some very important internship paperwork to be filled out for my school.

I was told by my instructor that my supervisors would know this, but no one knows. So I was told that I could call corporate to get an answer and both times I called I was transferred to the Workman Comp extension line, only to be sent to voicemail. I understand that there may be time zone barriers but my dead line is coming up and I really need this simple information ASAP.

I will try to call again but I would appreciate it if someone got back to me as soon as possible!! Old Navy Card services customer care is a joke. I wanted to pay my bill online, but their site was down. I was forced to process my payment through their automated system to assure it was made on time.

I store all of my payment confirmation emails for my records. I did not receive an option for this standard email via their automated system.

I called their customer care back to ask for an email for my records and was hung up on while holding. I called back a second time and was told I can not have an email. My email is on file, it was confirmed with me. And they offered to read me my confirmation number. I asked again for them to use the email on file and email me my conformation to keep with all the others. Was still told no.

I then escalated to a supervisor named Pete Mitchell who would not provide me with an email either. I asked if his supervisor was available and he told me no and to try to call back during normal business hours and he STILL continued to offer to read me an conformation number.

I asked for the corporate number and was told there is not one. I conceded to take it and he provided me a PO box. I asked for the physical address for corporate and was told he does not have one. All I needed was an email. Now I am a livid and highly dissatisfied customer. The least helpful any business has ever been. I am beyond disgusted with the restroom in this facility. They have always been dirty but tonight was worse.

The womens toliet had pubic hair, urine dripping off the seat, and a urine soaked floor. So then i try to wash the filth from my hands and the water does not work. I sent my child to the mens restroom to wash up and it was just as deplorable. It even had feces smeared on the toliet, soaked floor again and the smell was awful.

I had footprints of urine into the hallway and I didnt even want to put my shoes in my vehichle. I was at one of the Old Navy locations in la crosse wisconsin a couple of weeks ago when i came acrssed the worst customer service ever. I understand that in most places, it is policy if not policy, then frowned upon to set your personal life differneces aside when you are at your work place.

She does however go to my school. But besides that i have no spoken a word to her other than this day. As im struggling to find a style of jeans that i was planning to buy, i go to the next step and ask a floor associate.

I walk to the girl and excuse myself then proceed to ask if she could show me where they would be. She merely aknowledges me followed by a rude and abrupt comment. I wont leave it listed on this as i dont think corporate would appreciate it up for the world to see.

The bottom line is, YES i saw she was working on a project. Tell me if im wrong but part of employees job is to direct the customer to help them find what they are looking for. She made it clear that what she was doing was more important than anything i could have been looking for. I really have no idea but if i had to guess id say i wasnt the only customer she had treated like this. I would like to hear back from some body as soon as possible to onow what action will be taken as i know corporate and myself are not okay with this.

0549sahibi.tk provides the latest fashions at great prices for the whole family. Shop Men's, Women's and Kids' departments, Womens Plus, and clothing for baby and maternity wear. Also find big and tall sizes for adults and extended sizes for kids. Old Navy's Best Toll-Free/ Customer Phone Number This is Old Navy's best phone number, the real-time current wait on hold and tools for skipping right through . 1/23/ Old Navy - so i went to store Gratiot Roseville MI so i went to store Gratiot Roseville MI store and is stooped by clearance first as all do and i see a item i liked some green pants. there were 3 pair all with different prices on them so i took all 3 to the register thinking i was getting them for the lesser cost when i got to register the helpful cashier called.