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This annual contest run by the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is open to all kinds of photographic artists, with submissions accepted in “photography, digital imaging, film/video, and lens-based installation work.”.

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Kiddo Photo Contest offers a no gimmicks, no hassles free monthly kids photo contest. There will be prizes, these will change as they site grows. So come over and have some fun. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn.
Explore this gallery of international winners from the International Photography Contest. Click the full-screen arrows in the upper right to see a bigger version of the photos.
The International Photography Contest for Kids is now closed, and the grand-prize winner has been selected. Please check back this summer for information on the contest.
For photographers using all forms of black and white photography. Win $ and international recognition in the prestigious Monochrome Awards honoring black and white photography.
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Photography Contests for Kids

There are lots of online art contests for kids, and as I come across them, I’ll post them on this page. Please check into them before submitting artwork. If I hear that a particular contest is not a good one to enter, I won’t list it again. Photography contest could be for the kids internationally too. Please allow. Reply. Deb says.

Photography Contests for Kids. The Contest invites you to get outside and create original works of art, writing, photography, videography and music inspired by nature.

The goal is to be as creative as possible. Enter in one of the categories: Art, Music, Video, Writing and Photos. Ranger Rick Magazine and the National Wildlife Federation sponsor this monthly photography contest for kids. Kids are invited to submit up to three photos monthly of their best nature photography shots. Here are some ways to do it: Use your own photos as a reference. Use references from copyright-free photo sites like Morguefile.

This is a free site; just click through any ads that may pop up. Find a photo she likes and then make changes in the artwork, such as changes in color, background, etc. You have to be more careful with this, though, as published photos in books and most images online have copyrights. I send out new contest information in my newsletter every weekend. The sign-up form is at the top of the sidebar on the right. Just fill it out, and you will get the information in your email box!

Hi, Happy to know about ur web site. I will do participate my kid for relevant art contest. I send updates every week in my free newsletter! So glad you enjoy the site! My daughter participated to a one in Japan and the winner are meant to announce today but sadly I can not remember the name of it. The theme was Harmony.

I would be much grateful if you can get me the name of the competition. Was this the one? I submitted a drawing for the weekly challenge yesterday for the first time and am slightly anxious if it got accepted or not as the entries do not show my drawing. Please suggest how to confirm submission, thanks! Hi Sam, My 12 year old — turning 13 in January — daughter is a little artist, loves drawing horses and also she is a good photographer.

Is there any competition that you are aware of and she is eligible? Some contests are local only — where are you located? Hi Sam, Thanks for your response. We are located in South England. I would like to let you know that the new edition of our international art contest has been announced: Open to children y.

And seven years girl. My school is a very small. All of us like to draw. We do not have art teachers. Your page helps me alot. So please send me all about children contests.

Have you signed up for the free newsletter? The box is on the top right-hand side. I usually send it out once a week with new contest information. Just came to know from one of my friends. M a mother of 7 yrs girl as well as teaching art in school. Pls enroll my email ID. Best wishes n love Regards Koyel. Hi… My name is Mano from chennai…. So, I like to join in Art contest for kids…. Shall I have any drawing competitions in your website…..

Most of the art contests on this page are sponsored by other sites. Hi Samantha, I am Nikita from India a mother of 5. She loves art and your website has helped me know a lot about the different contests. Are you aware about if Indian National Kids can participate in the contest? Thanks for maintaining this page so nicely for so long! Our kids find it the best resource on the web to know about art contests they can participate in. We see you remove the contest information from your page once the same is over.

Later on, it becomes very difficult to remember which contest we had participated in. Will it be possible for you to maintain an archive page where you should dump all the past contest information? This would also help us to enquire about repeat contests i. It clearly shows the amount of effort you have put in for kids around the world.

The list only goes through ; going to keep going with soon! I am still behind right now, but I am working hard on catching up! We had a lot of company over the holidays, and I had a lot of projects with deadlines this past week that I had to finish. The registration form clearly mention the declaration of US citizenship of the participant. Please confirm the same. The art work of my daughter is ready. This is what they said: The International Aviation Art Contest website is https: I think you have to contact your member country to find out if they are participating in the art contest, the deadline and mailing address.

I have another good news too. Thank you again for posting it on your web site. Just go to this page: Dear Samantha, thank you for having this. I am a teacher from Bosnia, and I was searching a way for my students how could they apply in a foreign contests. Thank you, you helped me a lot. There will be directions on there. Every contest is different, so you have to read through the guidelines for each one you want to enter. To enter artwork on this site, you can either send in art that follows the weekly theme Weekly Challenge Button on the menu or on the side or send in other art using the Submit button on the menu.

Thanks so much for all the information that you post here. Out kids love painting, drawing and colouring in but there are not too many art comps we can find in Australia. Thanks for posting these we watch with interest. This particular contest is open to members of the Boys and Girls Club across the country and includes five categories:. The above categories are divided into four age groups, encompassing children between the ages of 6 to The popular children's magazine Ranger Rick by the National Wildlife Federation runs a quarterly photo contest for kids 13 and under.

The competition requires young photographers to enter pictures they have taken in nature without the assistance of an adult. The Sony World Photography Awards is open to anyone under the age of Contestants can enter a maximum of three photos across three categories.

It is an internationally acclaimed contest that focuses on capturing images that epitomize the joy of travel.

Kids And Pets Photo Contest Winners

Photo enthusiasts aged 18 and under can enter the Young Travel Photographer of the Year contest from Travel Photographer of the Year. It is an internationally acclaimed contest that focuses on capturing images that epitomize the joy of travel. Explore this gallery of international winners from the International Photography Contest. Click the full-screen arrows in the upper right to see a bigger version of the photos. Photo Competition in Child Photography. Trough our contest, we discover, award and recognize the best child photographers from all over the globe. Take part in our competitions to receive exposure and recognition you deserve.