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The film was considered a perfect example of glamorous softcore pornography by many viewers, with a number of lengthy, lustful scenes of fully-nude and explicit lesbian .
It is impossible to write about the representative tween, since each girl has unique experiences, interests and points of reference. Geographic, racial, religious, socioeconomic and familial.
It is impossible to write about the representative tween, since each girl has unique experiences, interests and points of reference. Geographic, racial, religious, socioeconomic and familial.
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Yeah, I think it worked out for the best. It was revealed that 'Frank' had severed the doctor's fingers with a scalpel after wounding her, so that she could never practice again.

I used to be a guy. A real bad guy. Now I look at the cards I got dealt in a different way. One thing's for sure. Change is gonna come. The comedy told about three overworked and under-appreciated moms in Chicago: Let's be bad moms. In one scene, Amy's friends criticized her unsexy Mom bra as she was trying on dresses: Look at your mom bra!

There is so much surface area. You'd make three regular bras out of this one mom bra. This is my sexy bra Yeah, there's just one boob-log You don't even have two tits.

This bra will be the death of your vagina. Later in front of a mirror, Kiki explained to friends Amy and Carla as they were primping before going out about how her husband Kent often had a limp penis during sex: So I just have to kinda fold his penis up like a balloon animal and shove it up in my vagina. What if I get somebody who's not circumcised?

It's like finding a gun in the street. Just scream and get out of there! But then, Carla argued that sex with uncircumcized males was better: Oh, they're always so nice to you, because they know their dicks are gross. Carla chose to demonstrate to Amy how to handle an 'uncut' penis, while using Kiki's pink-hooded sweatshirt as a model: So, what you would do is very gently, you would just kind of try to peel it back over like that to expose the head of the cock She gently pulled the hood down from Kiki's face And then you would just, just gently She unzipped the front of the sweatshirt , you wanna, I'm sorry, honey.

You just wanna kind of, like it gets a little tight, and you gotta kind of work it, you know. You gotta work it off.

She pulled the sweatshirt down over Kiki's body And then you just go to town, like it's a, you know Grunts You know, you jerk it off till you wanna sit on it She then demonstrated what to do with the extra hanging skin, or hood You can flick it, suck it, you know, rub your face on it OK, well, take care of this, though, 'cause this is like a big giant man clit.

She pointed to the hood This, right here. If you work this, it's gonna be like Sound of orgasmic explosion. Does that make sense, honey? Canadian director April Mullen's lesbian-romance film, set in Toronto, was shot with an all-female crew.

In the film's opening under the credits, blonde Dallas 26 year-old Swedish newcomer and model Erika Linder was on top, having lesbian sex with her lover Joslyn Mayko Nguyen below her. They both collapsed onto their backs in exhaustion.

It was clear that their relationship was one-sided and toxic, and Dallas had commitment issues. Dallas casually announced that she was moving out and had put a deposit on her own apartment. She ended things by saying: Dallas was portrayed as a self-absorbed roofing contractor who was aggressively butch wearing androgynous tomboy clothes, and later claiming: I'm more legit than that".

Working on a roof with a male crew, Dallas noticed an attractive brunette arriving home in the townhouse complex in a dark-colored convertible sports car. She quipped under her breath: The two attended a "girl party" in a lesbian bar. Coincidentally, Dallas happened to meet the brunette in the restroom, who had been convinced by her friend Claire Melanie Leishman to go out on the town during her fiancee's absence a business trip in Arizona. The brunette realized that she had seen the blonde roofer earlier in the day.

The brunette was Jasmine Natalie Krill - a prim and proper Toronto fashion magazine editor. Dallas explained the origin of her name: And then, Dallas repeated the frequent question: As they talked, Dallas admitted: But I think I might be different with you," although Jasmine claimed she knew how to keep a man interested.

Dallas hinted that Jasmine was "the right girl" for her - and they came close enough to kiss each other. It was clear that Jasmine was feeling some uncertainty and ambivalence about her own sexual preferences and identity. Leaving the bar, Jasmine confessed to Claire that she had kissed Dallas, felt sick and weird because she was engaged, and was only curious.

However, it was the start of a sexually-frank same-sex relationship between the two star-crossed females that would slowly develop, while Rile was gone. It was convenient for the two that Dallas' roofing job was at the complex where she lived. During a bathtub scene with the water running, Jasmine let the water pleasure herself as she listened to Dallas' roof hammering outside nearby - a case of metaphorical love-making.

They spoke again briefly as Jasmine left for work, and later Jasmine agreed to "One drink, one. The film was considered a perfect example of glamorous softcore pornography by many viewers, with a number of lengthy, lustful scenes of fully-nude and explicit lesbian sex comprising about two-thirds of the film.

In between, there were intermittent scenes of blunt discussions between the two about their sexual experiences the more vulnerable Jasmine had one unfulfilled lesbian experience when she was younger, and Dallas had adopted a 'masculine' love-em-and-leave-em, inscrutable mentality.

Eventually, Rile confronted Jasmine about her sexuality when he found out she was lesbian, and she pleaded: In person or you'll never see me again. I shouldn't have put you in this position. During their break-up period, Dallas resorted to being entertained by a strip-club dancer at the Filmores Hotel, named M. Andrea Stefancikova - with a traditional male-type lap dance.

Soon after, Jasmine apologized to Rile "I'm so sorry for what I did" , but also realized her deep sexual and personal dissatisfaction with him. She began crying and had brief uncomfortable sexual contact with him after they shared a bathtub together naked. In a final short coming-out scene set in a park by a river, Jasmine met up with Dallas again and confessed: I told some of my friends at work about you.

What did you tell them? Although first debuting at the Sundance Film Festival in early , this bold and raunchy R-rated comedy-drama was a theatrical release and a major box-office flop. It told about Hope Annabelle Greggory Rauch , a foul-mouthed, hostile and cruel ex-Bronze medalist gymnast from a past international athletic competition 'Olympics' - in Rome in After a career-ending balance beam injury at age 17 during the finals that damaged her Achilles tendon, the late something was now living with her mail-carrier father Stan Gary Cole in her hometown of Amherst, Ohio near Cleveland where most of the film was actually made - "The Sandstone capital of the world.

She was still playing upon her small town's hero-status by obtaining free food, products, some drugs and notoriety - and was often stealing mail from her father's route to make ends meet. The first view of the narcissistic, teeny-bopper-banged, pony-tailed Hope was in bed wearing her Team USA warm-up suit with the bronze medal hung around her neck, masturbating under the covers while watching a 'glory days' video of her own medal-winning athletic performance. Afterwards, she snorted pain-killer pills crushed into powder by one of her trophy bases , and ritually taped down her breasts.

She found herself coaching new local prodigy Maggie "Mighty" Townsend Haley Lu Richardson , a hopeful upstart for the upcoming Toronto competition. At first, she attempted to sabotage the young and innocent 'Olympian' with fatty foods, promiscuity, and cannabis smoothies, but then took her responsibilities more seriously. Hope also entered into a relationship with an ex-high school classmate Ben Thomas Middleditch whom she nicknamed "Twitchy" for his blinking-tic habit , the low-key co-manager of the practice gym and an assistant coach.

The most unique and epic sex scene in the film came toward the end - an acrobatic display of gymnastic sexual positions spins, rolls, hand-stands, etc. The sequence paid homage to the numerous puppet sex acts found in Team America: Hope urged her stripped partner on to have sex after seeing a tattoo on his lower-abdomen and testicles representing the gold: By film's end, Hope had reformed herself after leading Maggie to a Gold Medal win in Toronto in She told a mall crowd: Just like all of you.

You give me a smile or a wave. Or sometimes you break the celebrity boundary and come up to me, tell me about where you were on the day I made this country proud. There is a reason I call this town my home. And who I can be. I am - Coach Hope. But Hope had lost her star pupil to coach Lance in Los Angeles. Ending title cards revealed: She got knocked up with Lance Tucker's baby.

This pointless horror remake from director Travis Z Zariwny was scripted by Eli Roth, who had directed the original film in the series: In a unique fashion, this remake used the same exact script of Roth's film, although it was condensed and simplified. But it retold the same story, with the expected sex and gore required in the telling of the "cabin fever" - although more graphic special effects and with greater production values. A group of five college grads took a week-long vacation in a cabin in the mountainous woods without TV or cellphone wifi reception.

One by one, the group was soon infested with a horrifying, water-borne flesh-eating virus first passed on by a melting, disease-infected hermit Randy Schulman and his decaying, ravenous dog: One notoriously scene retained from the original "finger-banging" was the love-making infection scene between Karen and Paul, when he went to touch her privates, and he raised his hand in horror from her crotch - bloody and oozy.

She was quarantined after being moved to the adjacent woodshed, where she slowly deteriorated. Feeling like it was a catastrophe that meant imminent death for everyone, Marcy proposed a final wild sexual hookup with Paul, the film's most explicit sequence - sex on a kitchen counter: We're all gonna get it. We're all gonna get sick It's like being on a plane when you know it's gonna crash.

And everyone around you is just screaming: After having prolonged sex in the kitchen, Marcy took a bath. In the second notorious scene from the original film, as she shaved her leg, her skin peeled away. She bloodily staggered from the front door, fell to her knees, and found herself face-to-face with a ravenous wild dog and was torn to pieces off-screen ,. The hit movie was the highest grossing R-rated film of all-time, and the most successful of the X-Men franchise.

The black comedy often broke 'the fourth wall', was self-referential and non-linear, and featured a tagline that spoofed Spider-Man: The title character was Wade Wilson aka Deadpool Ryan Reynolds , a mercenary whose life was significantly altered when a top-secret experiment to cure terminal cancer by injecting him with a serum and torturing him left him scarred and disfigured, but with rapid healing and regenerative powers.

To take advantage of his newfound latent abilities, the sociopathic Wade became Deadpool, a joking, fast-talking, masked, red spandex-clad, anarchic vigilante, intent on hunting down Ajax or Francis Freeman Ed Skrein who was responsible for Deadpool's condition and falsely promised a cure. When they first met, they one-upped each other with memories of their horrible and tragic pasts. While having exhaustive sex together to the tune of Neil Sedaka's Calendar Girl , seen in a time-lapsed montage of brief holiday-themed sex scenes, they had a string of humorous lines: Relax, and Happy International Women's Day.

If your left leg is Thanksgiving, and your right leg is Christmas, can I visit you between the holidays? Afterwards, he told her why they were still together while they were both wearing ugly Christmas sweaters: But red looks good on you. Brings out the bloodshot in your eyes And, uh, we're like two jigsaw pieces, you know. The weird curvy edges. Wade, there's something I've been meaning to ask you.

But only because you haven't gotten around to asking me. Will you, uhm, stick it in my Director Dan Mazer's raunchy, spring-break sex comedy had two taglines: A third tagline with accompanying poster was created in homage to The Graduate He's a little worried about his grandpa. Its unlikely star was veteran actor Robert De Niro as the 72 year-old titular character - 'dirty grandpa' - a widowed Army vet, and the estranged, recently widowed grandfather of uptight, preppy, Atlanta corporate lawyer Jason Kelly Zac Efron.

Jason was about to be married to his shrill and over-controlling fiancee Meredith Goldsmith Julianne Hough. The odd-couple comedy brought Jason and his grandpa together during a road-trip from Georgia to Boca Raton, Florida, when Jason was convinced to take his grandpa to Florida for a well-deserved golf vacation. They actually detoured and ended up partying for Spring Break in Daytona Beach, at his grandpa's urging, with a group of college students - a great excuse for the film's plentiful, foul-mouthed sex jokes and run-ins with the law and drugs.

In a predictable switcheroo, the conservative Jason was soon serving as the chaperone for his party-hardy Grandpa. One major concluding scene was of horny Lenore Aubrey Plaza finally able to proposition the fumbling, 'dirty grandpa' Dick Kelly De Niro , after she presented herself to him in his oceanside, Boca Raton retirement apartment in a black bra and his own oversized pants belted around her waist.

To turn herself on, she proposed lines for him to say to her, while grinding her genitals into him: And then she asked when he began moaning: Theatre director David Leveaux's war drama his film debut , with the tagline: The film's title referred to the overriding question: Was a good German citizen the exception or the rule under the Third Reich?

The fictionalized historical drama - both a spy thriller and an erotic love story, began with the exile of Kaiser Wilhelm II Christopher Plummer after the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in ending the Great War. By , the Nazi Party had taken over and invaded Holland.

Wounded while on the Polish front, young Wehrmacht officer Captain Stefan Brandt Australian actor Jai Courtney , with an Iron Cross second class rank, was commissioned to protect the Kaiser and command his military guard. There were concerns that the Kaiser's popularity was rising amongst the nationalistic Germans. Brandt was warned that if anything happened to the Kaiser, Brandt would be shot. There were rumors by the Nazis of a British Secret Service agent-spy relaying radio messages from the town.

On his first night in Utrecht, Brandt received an unannounced visit in his quarters from one of the Kaiser's beautiful Dutch maids, Mieke de Jong Lily James. Her first words were: The Kaiser presents his compliments.

He'd be pleased if you'd join him at dinner tomorrow night. After staring at each other knowingly, he simply ordered: Tell the Kaiser I would be honored to accept his invitation. It was notable as the first nude scene for English actress Lily James, who was better known for her roles in the long-running Downton Abbey , and in the live-action Cinderella She returned to his room for more intimacy the following evening, where she appeared in the dark after he entered, and used the same greeting: After as she prepared to hurriedly leave, he requested: Stay the night" - but without a word, she departed.

Only later did they introduce themselves to each other formally and learn each other's names. She cautioned against them becoming too familiar with each other: I would lose my position. You might lose yours. Brandt's secret romance and torrid affair with her - it was an illicit and forbidden pairing. Although relations with her were strictly against orders, Brandt continued the affair and risked his position. During another encounter in her bedroom, he apologized for being so forward: Don't tell anyone else.

It was a beautiful day. And I thought, God made this. God made all of it. There was a girl. She was still alive. I tried to help her, but she died. I beat the officer senseless in front of his unit.

It's men like that - they shame the SS. They shame us all. But they are not the exception, they are the rule. I don't believe that. Then, he suddenly proposed marriage to her "now, today" and vowed to protect her, but she refused: But I'm a Jewess.

And then they were caught together - creating a massive scandal for the Kaiser's wife: They have been caught fornicating under our roof. This girl is no better than a common slut. This officer has disgraced his uniform. Soon after, the local pastor in town Pastor Hendriks Kris Cuppens was discovered transmitting radio reports about the Kaiser.

He was arrested and tortured by the Gestapo - and admitted that Mieke was a British spy. Brandt now realized that his lovely partner Mieke had been working with the Pastor.

Earlier Brandt had followed her and witnessed them meeting together. Conflict arose because Brandt had promised to protect and marry her. Could she trust him to not interfere, or would he obey his military duty and turn her in to the Gestapo? You must do your duty. And I will do mine. The opening scene of the psychosexual drama was of the two apprehensively having first-time sex in a high-rise bedroom in view of the Las Vegas Strip at nighttime.

Lola's first words urged Frank to skip over oral sex and have intercourse: But I'm not playing games. Let's f--k," but then she teased: I think you're right. That's a great idea. Shortly later in his restaurant, he cooked an omelette laced with caviar for her and she complimented him on his cooking and personality: During their intense and passionate yet apprehensive love affair in Las Vegas, one night about 20 minutes into the film , Lola came crying to Frank to confess that she had been unfaithful to him and sexually betrayed him: Bitterly hurt, even though she claimed, "it was awful, it was nothing.

It meant nothing," Frank wanted to drop her. However, he had a slight change of heart when she told him that she had been raped the previous summer by one of her mother's former live-in boyfriends, a wealthy, married, philandering French best-selling author in Paris named Alan Larsson Michael Nyqvist who was from a Swedish family.

She didn't directly blame her recent promiscuity on her past, but explained: It's just what happened had an effect on me that I can't understand It definitely f--cked me up, though. As he was leaving for Paris, he told Lola about his wish to make their relationship whole: Then we'd be fine, I know it. In Paris, Frank stalked and confronted Alan with a knife in his apartment, then had a change of heart when he viewed a sex tape of Lola with another female, while off-camera, Alan ordered her to perform degrading sex acts.

Alan also confirmed that Lola could be very "convincing" with any man she was with. Then, Alan invited Frank to join him in a late-night Parisian sex-club, where with the aid of alcohol and drugs, Frank was approached by a rich female pimp who arranged a friend prostitute for him in a nearby house.

The next day, Frank learned that he had been hired to be the chef in a new Vegas hotel-restaurant the Encore. When Frank returned to Lola in Las Vegas after many untruths had been revealed in Paris, he described his meeting with Alan, and asked: Do you have any idea what it's like to watch somebody you love take orders like a little whore, down on her hands and knees?

He then admitted their mutual indiscretions and his own desire to break up with her: I'll come back and get my s--t tomorrow". The next morning, when he asked Lola for the truth, she claimed: Alan and Claire had a mutual understanding that they could live separately and have other sex partners.

Then Frank put two and two together - Alan was "the guy from California" that Lola had cheated with: In a tearful confession, she described her past, and how Alan had invited her into his place when she was a student in Paris.

By the first morning, he had tied her up on the bed with ropes binding her hands and feet: What f--ked me up was that I didn't leave. I stayed with him. What f--ked me up was that I fell in love with him.

I found out that I was pregnant and he just disappeared. So I came here a week later and that's when I met you. And that morning, he called me, and he was begging me to let him apologize, and I had no intention of f--king him. And then I think I just, I think I shut down. I just let him do it. And when it was over, he started to panic because all I could think about was you, and he wanted us destroyed.

Lola was surprised that Frank had taken her back, although dismayed that he called their relationship "rotten. She verified that Lola became pregnant and was given money. However, Claire emphasized that Alan still loved her "His heart is with me" and that he had gone to Chicago on business, not Vegas, so he couldn't have resumed a sexual relationship with Lola.

It was fairly obvious that Alan was lying to Claire about his whereabouts, and the status of his relationship with femme fatale Lola. Back in Vegas, Frank witnessed a short rendezvous between Lola and Alan who was again there "for business". She sent him a note about secretly meeting up with him "I have to be careful" she wrote in the new unopened restaurant on the second floor of his hotel - and enclosed a sexy Polaroid photo.

However, when Alan arrived to see Lola, it was a set-up, and Frank confronted a very incalcitrant Alan - and ordered him to leave Lola for ever. He roughed him up in a vicious fist-fight, and then stated: In the final sequence, Frank met with Lola at his new job in the newly-opened restaurant, and he chillingly and calmly delivered his own style of verbal irateness to her. He told her that he was back and now sane: That psycho, I sent him home.

And every day I tell myself, eh, you blow it. And every morning when I wake up, the first thing I think of is you. Do you still love me?

She claimed that she wouldn't be there if she didn't love him. She complimented him on his first day of work - his well-deserved triumph in his job. He told her that he would briefly leave and change his clothes, and in the meantime, she should think about their relationship.

If she was there when he returned, he would have his answer. In a few moments, he came back - and she wasn't visibly there - although a sliver of her reflection watching him was seen on the wall behind him.

The masterfully-edited beautifully-filmed romantic arthouse thriller by S. Korean director Park Chan-wook combined both a linear narrative and replayed extended flashbacks from new angles to reveal its story, set in s Korea during Japanese occupation.

The themes so clearly realized in the exquisitely-produced period piece included duplicity, trust and betrayal, abuse and misogyny, calculated manipulation and sexual tension, and female seduction and liberation.

The graphic lesbian sex scenes were even more explicit than scenes in the recent French film, Blue is the Warmest Color , Fr. The two main characters in the sexy feminist revenge plot were: Told in three conflicting parts, the first was from the perspective of Sook-Hee, the second from Lady Hideko's perspective, and the third part was more directly objective and conclusive.

The main twist was that the thieving handmaiden was working in tandem with a gold-digging, deceitful con-man partner who was masquerading as Japanese aristocrat "Count Fujiwara" Jung-woo Ha from Nagoya. After marriage, Count Fujiwara's plan was to declare Lady Hideko insane and lock her up in an asylum.

It was also possible in another of the story's reversals that the handmaiden might be double-crossed and take Lady Hideko's place in the asylum. During the evolving plot of well over two hours, Sook-Hee soon fell in love with her virginal-appearing employer Lady Hideko. There were three very explicit sex scenes between them involving a number of sexual positions.

Their first pre-sexual encounter was during an early bath scene, when Sook-Hee admired the breasts of Lady Hideko. Sook-Hee gave the noblewoman a sweet lollipop she explained: Auntie gave the babies candy during baths, to teach them that bath time is sweet". She also gently smoothed down one of Hideko's sharp teeth by wriggling her finger inside her mouth - a very sensual moment. The two also became better acquainted when playing dress-up with a corset, and by switching roles. When the two slept in the same bed one night, they began kissing, and pretended that Lady Hideko was making love to the Count in the same way - Sook-Hee initiated oral sex: Lady Izumi Hideko begging: It's so soft, warm, wet, and spellbindingly beautiful.

Later, they experienced masturbation, '69', scissors-position sex, and lastly penetration involving foreign objects metal silver Ben Wa balls strung together. Try udtfashion This is my favorite go to website and if you are lucky enough to visit their stores they have an even bigger and awesome selection of dresses and separates. Their sale racks if you have budget constraints have amazing bargains and they will send you pictures if you contact them. They have become my two daughters favorite clothing and it makes me happy to support a company that makes all their clothes in the USA.

This is a nice blog and These type of cloths are perfect for summer. I also know one website for these type of dresses. You can go to FoxyBeauty Store for affordable clothing for women. This is an interesting list. I wonder if there are geographic differences. And for being more spendy in athletic clothing, there is, iviva. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

The Teen and Tween Market: What are the low-end brands? J crew and gap are way over my budget. Boom try adding lovable bed sets and pillows. At least have afordable prices on clothes for people on a budget plz. I think that daya by Zendaya is a nice place and it is pretty affordable. These shopping websites are amazing!

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