Monster High Christmas Party

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Great memories of a grand company. I remember when the Bam's opened in Princeton. She may have lifted the Beast, as evidenced by the Beast being placed onto Philippe's back, although this was never shown on-screen.

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The on-line museum of North America's independent department stores. The museum holds all sorts of information about classic department stores which either no .
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Monster High Christmas Party

The on-line museum of North America's independent department stores. The museum holds all sorts of information about classic department stores which either no .

I still have my red and white Bam's card tucked away in my treasures. I worked in the buyer's office small leather goods in I was a cosmetics Buyer form , then was "transferred" to Macy's in the same position, but stayed only 6 months, cause I hated Macy's I have an artwork with a label on the back of the frame saying: I wonder if anyone could tell me what year would correspond to the number and how I could find out more about the work. Just discovered this site.

Was doing some ancestry research on the Hecht and Bamberger families. My husband has ancesters on both sides. He also remembers all the great stores accross the country. I have a China Flower Basket that was supposed to be won in this contest. There is another sticker, like a price sticker, that says "Bambergers" but the rest is unreadable.

We stood out front of Bamberger's Newark and sold toilet paper for 1 penny a sheet. Bam's customers were the best.

They knew we were embarrassed but we ended up having a great time. I forget how many sheets were on a roll back then but I think we sold all ours that day. I have an old plate inherited from my mother.

It was made expressly for L. The art on the plate shows Robert Treat directing the landing of next words are worn out Newark, N. It also says, and It is obviously a comemmorative plate. I have a hatbox from Bambergers New Jersey and it is a great design you can view it on Etsy. Does anyone know who built the upright pianos for Bambergers NJ 40 plus years ago? My mom got hers there for Christmas, I worked at Bam's as a makeup artist in the cosmetics dept.

It was so much fun and such a classy store. Once Macy's offcially took over, it went down hill. All its flair was taken away.

I miss those days. I'm looking for someone that used to work there. He played the accordion. His name is Mr. Did you happen to know him? I have a photograph of my mother taken when she was about 5 years old, I had just started my own business and I am looking for an idea to write great New England Uniform, Inc. Please have any suggestions. New England Uniform, Inc. It was around or Does anyone have any photos of it?

I used to go to Bam's in Newark with my mother in the 's and 's. One of my favorite memories is of the malted milk drinks we would order at the lunch counter in Bam's basement. All of these comments make me very nostalgic. I remember my Dad taking a snap in front of Bamberger's in Plainfield, I found it the other day in my old old slide.

I'm walking with Mom in our Sunday best, I have a balloon in my hand and am wearing those ever so popular little girl dresses with the white pattent leather mary janes. My mom as spiffy as ever in her pencil skirt and cute white hat. It was great, we used to dress up to go shopping!

Now its dungarees that are falling down with your knickers showing, Ah the good ole days ;. I would love to hear a description of the inside of Bamberger's-what made it special and unique. NJ when I was 7 and I have vague memories. I do remember Wannamaker's in Philly because I visited it as a teen. That was very different and uniques as well. My grandmother worked at Bamberger's in the late Thanks for any descriptions you can write I tried to email, but it bounced back I saw your question on the Department Store Museum site.

I was a Buyer for Bamberger's for 10 years, from the mid 70s thru the mid 80s, when I was "promoted" to Macy's. At that time the stores were completely separate from each other, with separate buying offices, credit departments, etc.

It was not until the late 80s when the mergers started and my beloved Bamberger's went to hell. It was a large store of 1. The first floor had 20 foot ceilings all hand made wooden fixtures, and it was very much in the Art Deco mode.

Most of the floors were designed by famed architect Raymond Lowry and Associates, so there was a masterful sense of architectural beauty and it was one of the first stores, back in the 40s, that utilized what is now referred to as "shop" concepts. The merchandising in the store because of Lowry's design did not allow for merchandise on top of each other The main restaurant was mahogany wood panel, elegant and had great food.

The key factor to all this was Raymond Lowry's architecture, it had to be seen to believe. He designed other stores such as Lord and Taylor, and the defunct Hahne's Montclair store talk about magnificent , but Bamberger's Newark was unlike any other.

It was the curvature of the lines, and how he utilized it on the floors, the way they flowed and the interior color combinations. Bamberger's pretty much kept his 's redo until the end, with some updated, such as painting and carpeting, bit the store saw no renovations to destroy his work I hope I answered your question. If you have any more, let me know. See this, too - http: In the beginning, there was Bambergers And only Bambergers, everything else came later.

I remember many Christmas shopping trips trying to find presents for my Mom without her knowlege. And I remember the big Peanuts fad in the 60s and my normally tightwaddy Mom caving without my realizing it was happening and splurging and doing my whole room Snoopy. Even bought me the mythical Astronaut Snoopy I wish I still had! Back then upstairs there was even a restaurant that had better hamburgers than any of that mall garbage!

I shopped paramus before WillowBrook opened. When Willowbrooked opened, that was closer, until I became a Buyer, and each Saturday would go to Willowbrook to visit my department.

Yes,, the store had a restaurant and even a budget store, which became a renovated mens department in It carried high end designers, because the customer base then was far different than today.

As a Macy's, it is garbage. One last thing about my beloved bamberger's Newark also had a restaurant on the lower level named the Carving Board. I do so miss department store restaurants. I always wondered whether Louis B's was tied to founder's name!

Used to attend fund raising events at the Court King of Prussia location. Court's Bamberger's opened in I vividly remember the graphic nature of the displays unlike any other store and the mouse-maze floor plan that guaranteed you were in there at least 20 minutes before you could find a mall exit. Macy's unfinished reno in the mid 's still left unmasked hints of the originality from Went over budget so they just stopped and painted over what remained.

To the Ex Buyer, you are so correct. Bamberger's was a great store and Macy's ruined it. I worked at Bambergers when I was a junior in high school, loved it so much, that I became degreed in Merchandising. I think I still have a report I did for college which includes several photographs and pages from the Fashion Reporter and the "Q". It was a time when a sales manager could actually call a buying office and influence the assortment or quantity of goods sent to a store.

I can remember the store visits from senior execs from Newark. Bambs was top sin everything, from Loss Prevention, Display, Advertising, yadda yadda yadda. I believe Time magazine did a story on Bambergers and it does show that it was Macys top division. Louis is turning over in his grave.

I am so very appreciative to "ex-buyer" for writing the information that I had requested. Also, thank you to RJ regarding the Wikepedia page. I will check back in case someone else writes another description It has some photos and alot of description. Here is the link: His firm also famously designed renovations for Gimbels in and Higbee's in the s, among many, many other other retail designs.

Hudson Company redesigned its 7th floor The renowned "Woodward Shops" in the s, and that, too, was a Loewy design. I personally saw that in its hey-day and I can say that it was beautiful; the epitome of mid-modern interior design. I would also venture to guess, given my experience as an architect that it is Loewy's staff that deserves much of the credit for all of this work.

I just found a flat wooden leg shape with holes in it with a L. I am not sure what it was used for but it is very interesting. Would anyone be able to help? I must disagree with those executives who have " bad mouthed " Macy's. I began my career at Bam's in on the executive training squad and left to go to Mac's in as a Vice President for Merchandising.

I had a great career in both divisions and although Bam's was and is my favorite store, Macy's was terrific. It had some bad years until Ed Finkelstein took over and remade Herald Square in to one of the world's shopping destinations. I was one of the executives who opened the Plainfield branch and have nothing but good things to say about both Bamberger's and Macy's.

I would love to hear from some of my former coworkers. My e mail is: My name is Marvin Laba. Christiana,did have a resturant! My great grandmother painted fine china in the Newark Bams for Louie Bamberger.

Would Love to know if anyone remembers her. Her name is Anna Spitz also called "Tilly". I have some of her pieces dated in the late 20's and 30's. Would love some information on her history. I remember Bams and my mom and grandma and their friends called it It was right behind the center court, where Macy's Gag The kids clothes were so fun Jet Set, Spumoni, Guess, Esprit I used to get these awesome sweatshirts with penguins or polar bears or mice The penguin one can be seen on Jodie Sweetin stephanie on full house in the season 2 opening credits The mouse one had them playing a wheel of fortune type game, and I had a PS Gitano pink sweater and black skirt set where there was black scotty dogs on the sweater and white ones on the skirt Every week I would be like "I have the same outfit!

I have what appears to be either an old credit card or employee ID card. It is made of plastic. Can anyone tell me what it is? I have many of her pieces. Does anyone remember her or her work. I would love to hear from you. Found this site and brought back to some great memories. My father was a delivery man for Bamb's and then it went to UPS. The Thankgiving parade, when I was a kid was on Market St. My father drove one of the floates and was happy to make the extra money.

When I was in high school my mother got a job in the office at Bamb's. It was a great store. When you made a purchase back then you could always have it delivered. I didn't know Bamberger's Bridgewater had a restaurant. Of course, it opened as Macy's. Do you have the exact locations of the Bambergers Restaurants? I think I found the one in Livingston, on the third floor, across from the restrooms. It's a storage area, but it's decorated in red and had fake french windows and a distinctive doorway.

Also think there was a hair salon next to where the restaurant was. Here is some more information about Bamberger's restaurants. As the chain grew rapidly from the late 60's to the late 70's, MOST locations included a "Carriage House", full service restaurant, many with full bar service.

During this time frame the downtown Newark store featured The Dinette, a counter style room on the Budget Level, and snack bars on the Street and 4th Floors. There was a more formal restaurant, and private party rooms on the 10th floor, but that floor was leased to a private club starting in the early 's. In the early 's some of the suburban locations saw their restaurants close, and a few others were re-branded, "Louie B's" in a node to Bamberger's founder. With dining options becoming less and less in downtown Newark during this same time frame, a table service room was added next to The Dinette.

Thank you, Ken, for all of the information. It seems as though Bamberger's is really missed! A few other notes about Bamberger's it's food service, and the downtown store. There were 3 levels to Bamberger's Budget store. The size of the Budget Store complex rivaled that of their mall stores, which were larger than their competition. When Bamberger's started to cut back on selling space downtown in the mid's, the Annex and Lower Level Two were closed as selling space.

The Butcher Shop and Deli were relocated to space on the Street Floor and remained until the early 80's. The Bamberger building itself had 4 lower levels, "3B" and "4 B" were part of the receiving department.

The departments store of Newark would make for a great book hint, hint. It was my first job at age 15 and I was a "floater"- so when someone called out sick in the "Swatch Watch Boutique" or in The Cellar Cafe, etc. I was sent in that area to work.

Brings back nightmare memories of me trying to find specific shoes in the enormous women's shoe stockroom!! Please, someone tell me if I am dreaming or if it really happened!

I remember going with my grandmother to Bamberger's around Christmas time and there was a "train" attached to rails on the ceiling of one of the floors. The "train" thus circled the floor from above. Did this really exist or only in my nostalgic imagination? My grandmother worked at nearby Ohrbachs, but, for the real deal, she took me to Bamberger's. I remember it well! I found this site by accident but It brings back memories! Like most Americana-gone-by, it makes me sad, but I suppose, that's progress but sometimes I think we have not progressed we've just lost parts of our collective history.

Worked as a stockboy in the candy dept. Was my first job out of high school. Like Rick said above, this site does bring back memories! I grew up in Morristown and remember going to Bam's with my mom. Yes, Epstein's and Bam's had amazing Christmas displays in their windows! The Bamberger's in Morristown did have a restaurant back in the day, on the third floor. Later, after the building became Macy's, I worked there for a time. The restaurant at that point was being used as an employee break room.

Sadly, the store closed in ' Our beloved Bam's turned Macy's sat vacant for years until Century 21 moved in. I remember making paper dolls out of my mom's bags. Are there any images of those bags? I loved shopping in Bamberger's as a child with my mother. Then as an adult, it was such a great store. Does anyone know if Bamberger's carried Madame Alexander dolls back in the 's? My mother bought me one when I had my tonsils out and I still have it. Was wondering if she could have purchased it at Bamberger's because she did most of her shopping there.

By the 's Bamberger's under RH Macy ownership became a more middle level store, and their Toy Department carried more mass market products than anything else. To answer the question about a monorail running around the ceiling of a Toy Department, that was Kresge-Newark. The Kresge-Newark monorail ran along the ceiling of their 9th floor Toy Dept through the Christmas season of In Kresge leased the 8th and 9th floor of their building to Western Electric, and the Toy Department moved sans monrail to the basement.

Does anyone remember the restaurant upstairs and the delicious burgers and home made coleslaw they served? The customer service in those days was first-rate! Thanks for the monorail answer. So I wasn't dreaming--just had the wrong store! I had a photograph of my Grandmother taken around the 's and after Sandy Hurricane it is gone It was taken at Bam's. Does anyone know if they had a photo archives from years back? So glad to see to see someone mention Holthausen's, Union City.

Before the name change to Macy's, there were three Bamberger's in MD The Hunt Valley store closed, the White Marsh store is now Boscov's Macy's occupies the old Hecht's store , and the Owings Mills store was converted to a Boscov's now vacant after Macy's moved to the old Hecht's store.

I remember those bags as well. The figures were dressed as if at Versailles. Wigs, long ornate dresses. The bags also had an unusual closure. When the handle was put through it the bag turned into a soft sided box. To Anonymous on I loved Bamb's and still refer to it as such whenever I go back to NJ to visit family and friends. The Bridgewater store was in the planning stages under Bamberger's for years.

When it opened it was actually Macy's-New Jersey formely Bamb's which meant it still was based out of Newark and used those buyers. The store is interesting in that the interior design was only used in one other store and that was Macy's Santa Rosa, CA. Management did not like the layout and changed course on future stores. I personally like the look of the original store and being I have not been to Bridgewater in some time am not sure if it has seen any renovation.

I am pretty sure the Deptford store had a restaurant in the s. As I remember, Bamberger's had a basement and a sub basement. One level had bargains, and one had food. Some of the best spreadable cheddar cheese came from that store.

When teamed with the Pecter's rye bread which they also sold, it was a lunch worth waiting for. I remember when the Bam's opened in Princeton. My mother was raised I Newark and had moved to south Jersey. She never accepted the Princeton store as an equal the Newark store.

I remember going to Bamberger's in the '70s, mostly the one where I grew up, Morristown. We used to eat burgers and shakes at the restaurant-Carriage House I guess it was called?? I don't think anyone who grew up in the area back then felt good about the switchover to Macy's.

Bam's was such a Morristown icon. At least they never altered the outside of the building with the cameos. Yeah, I still have one of those shopping bags with the costumed figures. I went in the 's and 40's as a child.. Are we better off now with Amazon and the Mall Macy's? I have a Bamberger's upright piano and want to sell it, does anyone know how much is worth?

I have an old broach that came from there and wondered 1. If it is real? How much it is worth? It is round with 13 round cut yellowish gems on the outermost row. Then there is 13 marquise cut "emeralds". Then a row of 10 smaller yellowish gems. And one large round cut "emerald" in the center. I am not sure if the gems are real that is why there is quotation marks.

And the gems seem to be set in real yellow gold. A magnet will not stick to it. Just wondering what you might know? Does anyone know the name of the White Marsh Mall Bamberger's restaurant from the 80's? I think it was called Louis B's like some of the other store restaurants. Worked there Willowbrook Mall from as a salesperson, then night department manager, then Service Manager. The store today does not seem to have the same prestige as it did in the 80's. I worked through the multi-million dollar renovation of the store as well as the transition from Bamberger's to Macy's.

When I first started, Bamberger's in Willowbrook had a restaurant, liquor store and auto store. Gradually, as the store began taking on the Macy's name, they phased out the auto store around , then the liquor store around and the restaurant may have made it almost until the 90's.

It was a good store with good people working there, some of which I still communicate with today. I worked at Bam's while a student at Rutgers-Newark, Sold gloves one Christmas, also was in cosmetics, and finally in Juniors.

Bought my wedding gown there. I remember the basement restaurant being called the Garden State Tea Room. Never was a big coffee drinker, but they has the best coffee. Willowbrook mall bamburgers had a contest and kids put their hand prints in cement in front of the entrance somewhere.

Im sure those prints are long gone. Maybe it was outside but I remeber it being inside. My brother had his hand print there I also remembered the monorail train on the ceiling.

I could have sworn it was in Bambergers but I saw someone write that it was in Kresges. My mother didn't shop in Kresges only Bambergers and Orbachs.

But I guess she must have taken me there at Christmas back in the 's. I worked at the Bloomfield Warehouse from to We sorted all the merchandise for all the stores. I grew up just up the street so I knew about how crazy thing got when they had warehouse sales. I have fond memories of the people I worked with there.

I just lost my Father and as my brother, sister and I were going through his belongings we found a Velour Top Hat in perfect condition.

Just wondering of a value. Hi That is so cute, I would of never thought of that. I am definitely making me one or maybe a few! I remember shopping at Bamberger's with Mom at Christmastime when she took me to see Santa. When I was 10, we went to see legendary singer, Connie Francis, who was doing a makeup presentaion at Bamberger's and promoting here new film, "Looking For Love".

Those were suchy beautiful wonderful days. Now it breaks my heart to see what newark has become. It looks like it was just deacyed by a great cancer. It was decayed by a great cancer, I believe. Newark, like a lot of cities, didn't have a chance, once the federal government began encouraging suburban development. Cheep gas, highway construction, tax deductibility of mortgage interest, reliance on property taxes to fund schools, all these things discouraged urban development.

In Newark the problems were of course exacerbated by the riots. In addition, the housing stock there is fragile. No sturdy brownstone row houses. That has discouraged it coming back today like a lot of other cities, where a desire to be closer to the action has encouraged revival.

At a yard sale in Orlando, I found a tweed jacket with the original Bamberger logo inside. It peeked my interest if only because the jacket had such character. I then came across this fascinating blog! Thanks everyone for contributing. I would have loved to visit the Newark store in its heyday. Any way to find out about an advertising artist back in the late 30's early 40's? Someone mentioned service managers in an earlier post. Bamaberger's had a unique in store management system.

I started as a department manager in the Willowbrook store in in mens. I eventually became a Buyer. There were tow types of managers Corporate management felt that department managers should be merchants So our job was to merchandise, prepare for sales, analyze reports. The service managers jobs were nights and weekends. They were responsible for making sure the store was staffed each area had its own service manager and service yes, we did provide that was being provided.

Who would not have wanted to be a department manager for Bamberger's. This set up was unique only to Bamberger's Once the name changed this system was gone. The only time department managers worked extra was during the Christmas season, when we worked a 6 day week. As a result, all department managers received an extra week of vacation for that..

Retail life was civil at Bamberger's and Bamberger's was Macy's largest division at the time even larger than Macy's, NY. Very good point about retail life being civil. I just recently graduated with a degree in sales management with a focus in retail. Bam's way of doing things makes sense. Having worked with sales management at Macy's, this is not the case.

I have enjoyed my time with Macy's; I wish I could have seen the good ole days of retailing. All adverting for Bamaberger's was done "in house", with its own staff. Great memories of Bamberger's, and the structure it's stores followed. Bamberger's, in downtown Newark was my first job, and I worked there from to while still in school.

The Sales Managers wore white flowers, the Night Expeditor, yellow flowers. We also had part time senior managers known as Service managers who wore white flowers and worked the 2 evenings and Saturdays. When evening hours were cut completely in , we part timers worked evenings in the vast offices that Bamberger's maintained in Newark, and on the sales floor Saturdays.

Bamb's was the BEST organization to learn and train I was a Service Manager in the Monmouth Store in the early 80's. Soon after I left is when they did away with them. I grew up in that store, literally. My Mom was always shopping there as a kid, then it was my first job - still in high school.

I started as a Christmas Temporary Carry Out. I helped people that bought big things or a lot of things get them in their car. I did that for about 6 months and finally got a position on the selling floor - The Cellar in Small Appliances. It was the BEST! I had a blast!

About a year later, I got my "Yellow Flower" and was Expeditor over all of housewares and I had gift wrap too. They had the BEST wrapping paper. Real thick and easy to use even for a guy! I am not sure what was a better education, working there or the college I was attending nearby. I filled in whenever and where ever they wanted. Like ExBuyer said, the day Sales Managers worked very closely with the Buyers to merchandise the floor. I learned a lot about using the "real estate" and "massing out" the merchandise.

I left there to go to Hahne and Co in Newark. I was the highest starting non-engineering salary graduating that year, and it was all because of the experience I had at Bamberger's! I don't think that anyone has mentioned the Plainfield Bambergers store. I believe it was built over or next to a former pond or some sort of body of water that may have been used as recreational facility in 'Victorian times I worked in Crystal and China department, and did temp gigs at Christmas time.

The Carriage House Restaurant had dynamite frozen yogurt with chopped walnuts and fresh fruit on top! Plainfield and Morristown were the two smallest volume stores, so they really never saw any money spent on them and terms of renovation and they received "just the basics" in terms of merchandise. I visited both stores twice as a buyer. I do remember the restaurant in Plainfield, but do not recall a bakery I have an invitation from l.

I honestly would have no idea, but judging by the fact it states "L. Bamberger" and also has an origin of Paris Thanks for the title clarifications at store line I remember the flowers white and yellow but could not think of the titles.

That gave me chills and wonderful flashbacks to my days with my beloved Bamberger's. Like you, I grew up with the store. Prior to the Newark riots, we would shop downtown Newark.

Afterwards, we did more with Paramus and eventually Willowbrook once it opened. I gre up in my teens years during the early 70s at Willowbrook. Once I went to work for Bamb's, I was men's department manager until going to Newark as a buyer. I visited Monmouth on several occasions in the early 80s, but the store had not seen a renovation at that point in time.

I know this sounds corny, but I loved working for them, they were just such a great retailer with amazing people I lived in East Orange in the 40's and 50's. My mom and i would thake the bus to Bambergers for shopping at Bams, Orbachs, Haynes and others, We always had lunch at Bams, Those were different times, to say the least. Today, Thanksgiving Day , I was telling my son about the Christmas window displays and seeing the Eskimos in the store one year. I guess in the Late 40s or early 50s. I am desperately searching for Bambergers holiday circulars from and forward for a collage project I'm working on.

I would greatly appreciate any tips so I can continue with this art project. I would PAY for those circulars. The Star Ledger would be the best bet as every ad we ever ran was in that paper. Also, local papers as well Philadelphia market was the Inquirer, also the Bergen Record would be another.

Newspaper back then was the main form of advertising and circulars were inserted especially in Sunday editions. I have an upright Bamberger's piano which I am researching. Apparently the manufacturer was a company called Artist Newark NJ. Does anyone have additional information on these pianos? In Bam's had a shop on the AP Boardwalk! Does anyone know the location of the seashore delivery station? I started in Operations at the Cherry Hill store and then promoted to helping open the New Brunswick store and promoted back to the Cherry Hill store.

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In Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas , Belle wears a long red winter coat with a white fur collar, belt, and folded sleeves while wearing her primary outfit. At the end of the film, set after the curse was broken, Belle wears a deep red rose dress which resembles the color of a red rose with a matching deep red hair ribbon, a light yellow lining connected to her bodice and the end of her dress skirt, a white petticoat, and deep red high-heeled shoes.

Belle displays a few notable athletic abilities despite having spent her life in the village. She is able to ride her horse Philippe at quite stunning speeds with ease and skill, such as in the Black Forest when she managed to outrun the wolves for a time and even causing one wolf to veer into a tree.

During the opening song, while reading her new book, she also managed to effortlessly sweep aside a water downpour from gutters that was about to hit her, deflecting it onto a nearby signpost, all without even looking up from her book, implying that she was keenly aware of her surroundings. Despite her slim figure, Belle seems to have considerable strength. She may have lifted the Beast, as evidenced by the Beast being placed onto Philippe's back, although this was never shown on-screen.

Later on, she was able to pull the Beast up onto a balcony. In addition, she also was revealed to have rescued her father from the elements and presumably place him onto Philippe while he was still unconscious. Both the Beast and Maurice are each presumed to weight considerably more than Belle, making her rescue of them quite a feat. Belle also appears to have tireless reserves of stamina and considerable resilience to cold likely due to her young age, able to survive fording icy water for a short period of time in Enchanted Christmas she proved to be a capable swimmer when she rescued Chip , and she is able to walk back to the castle having given her cloak and Philippe over to the injured Beast after the wolves were driven off.

In the Marvel Comics serial, she even managed to withstand the cold long enough to tell Chip about how she and her father went to the fair and won first prize before passing out just as Beast ultimately managed to trace her location via holly bushels hitting him when she let go of them. Belle is a young woman living in a small unnamed village in France.

She first appears at the beginning of the film after the prologue as she emerges out of the cottage she lives in and heads to a bookstore in the village, aware that the villagers are noting her peculiarity and how she doesn't fit in with the rest of them due to her love of books and withdrawn nature.

At the bookstore, Belle returns a book she has borrowed and taken the one she perceives as her favorite. While heading back home to the cottage, she is pursued by a conceited, arrogant, muscle-headed hunter named Gaston , who eventually stands in her way. Gaston takes the book from Belle, drops it into a mud puddle, and tells Belle to get herself out of reading and pay more attention to "more important things" like him. Just then, an explosion comes out from the basement of her cottage, prompting Belle to run back home.

Descending into the basement and coughing her way in, Belle finds her father, Maurice , who is about to give up on his latest contraption that he has built. Belle faithfully tells her father how she has believed he will get the machine working, win first prize at the fair, and become a world-famous inventor. Inspired by his daughter's beliefs, Maurice reworks on the machine, and once he thinks he has done fixing it, he gives it a test run.

To both Belle and her father's surprise, the test run goes successfully. Belle waves goodbye to her father and wishes him luck as Maurice, riding on their horse Philippe , goes off to the fair with the invention.

The following day, Belle hears a knock on a door. She uses the periscope, only to find that Gaston is on the porch, much to her dismay, but nevertheless lets him in. Gaston reveals to Belle that he wants to make her his little wife and the mother of six or seven handsome little boys; Belle is disgusted by this idea and slips away from Gaston, who continues to approach her. As Gaston has Belle cornered at the door and is about to plant a kiss on her, Belle opens the door, causing Gaston to fall into a large mud pond outside.

After a furious and humiliated Gaston leaves the cottage, Belle goes outside to feed the chickens, shocked in disbelief at how Gaston has asked her to marry him.

Not wanting to be the wife of that boorish, brainless man, she runs off into an open field, where Philippe finds her, still hitched to the trailer carrying Maurice's invention, but without Maurice. Seeing the horse without her father, Belle pleads for the horse to take her to where her father is after unhitching Phillipe from the trailer.

Belle rides to a mysterious castle on Philippe in possibility of finding her father. She finds her father locked away in a dungeon and begs the master of the castle to free him due to his poor health, offering her own freedom in exchange for her father's, over the latter's protests. When the master agrees on the condition that she has to stay with him forever, she asks the master to step into the light, revealing himself to be a hideous Beast. Although Belle is terrified by the Beast's visage, she promises to remain as the castle's prisoner and the Beast fulfills the end of his bargain by immediately releasing and sending Maurice back to the village.

The Beast is deeply moved by her beauty and affection towards her father, and can't help but feel touched by her boldness and bravery, as well as feeling some remorse for not allowing Belle to say her goodbye to her father whom she may not see again. The Beast then shows Belle to her room where she is initially terrified by the decor and gargoyles. He allows her to go about the castle but warns her not to go into his lair, the West Wing, which he cryptically labels as forbidden.

When the Beast brings Belle to her room, he orders her to join him for dinner before slamming the door shut and storming off. Belle throws herself onto her bed and breaks down in tears over being separated from her father forever and trapped in the scary castle by the Beast. Later, Belle is visited by Mrs. Potts and Chip ; she is shocked and surprised that a teapot and a teacup are alive the Enchantress who turned the prince into a beast also transformed his servants into household objects that she backs into a Wardrobe , who is also alive.

She accepts tea from Mrs. Potts, and after the teapot and the teacup leave, the Wardrobe decides upon a dress for Belle to wear for her upcoming dinner with the Beast, but Belle declines just as Cogsworth —the head servant who was turned into a mantle clock—arrives to inform her that dinner is ready. The Beast is enraged upon learning from Cogsworth that Belle isn't joining him for dinner, storms over to Belle's room and bangs on the door, ordering her to come out to dinner.

The two then have a heated shouting match which results in the Beast ordering Belle to starve before storming back to his lair. A little later, Belle, feeling hungry, emerges out of her room and makes her way to the castle's kitchen, where she meets Cogsworth, his assistant Lumière , and Mrs. Potts, who all agree to feed Belle despite their master's protests and entertain her with a marvelous musical number. After the dinner show, Belle applauds the entertainers and servers for putting on a spectacular performance.

Having figured out that the castle is enchanted and wanting to see more of the castle, Belle asks Cogsworth to show her around. During the tour, Belle comes across a staircase leading to the West Wing, but Cogsworth and Lumière stop her and try to talk her out of going into the room she is forbidden to step into by showing their library; however, Belle's curiosity of the West Wing gets the better of her.

Taking advantage of a brief distraction from the two servants, Belle enters the room and discovers it's beaten down and sickly. There she sees a torn picture of a young man and a glowing rose.

She takes the glass off the rose and tries to touch it. Just then, however, the Beast arrives and is furious at Belle for disobeying him. Terrified as well as having had enough of the Beast's ferocious temper and the castle itself, Belle escapes the castle rushing past Cogsworth and Lumière and runs away. In the woods, she and her horse encounter a pack of frightening and savage wolves , who chase after her and the horse. The wolves quickly catch up and knock Belle off her horse.

Belle takes a tree branch to use as a weapon, but the wolves bite it in half when she attempts to hit them, rendering her helpless and defenseless in no time. Just as she is about to meet her apparent demise, the Beast arrives and attacks the wolves, rescuing Belle and forcing the animals into retreat. However, a wolf manages to injure him in the process. Coming to realize that the Beast has saved her life, Belle chooses to help the Beast—who has collapsed from exhaustion and his wounds—back to the castle over running away and leaving him in the woods to suffer.

While she tends to the Beast's wounds, the two then got into another heated argument about who was at fault, with Belle winning the argument by ordering him to control his temper, overcoming her fears and conquering his ferocious temper.

She then thanks the Beast for saving her life, to which the Beast, realizing the good deed he has done while noticing her kindness, starts feeling good inside himself. As a token of his appreciation, the Beast, at Lumière's suggestion, shows Belle the castle's enormous library , which strikes her interest so much that he gives the entire library to her. In return, Belle helps him act more like a gentleman, and the two eventually form a healthy friendship, bonding over suppers, reading, and playful outings in the snow.

Over time, the Beast falls deeply in love with her but fears that she will never love him in return. On a special night, however, an evening date is conceived, and the two eventually fall in love, though neither expressed their feelings verbally. After a waltz in the grand ballroom, Belle expresses the longing for her father and wishes for a way to see him once more.

The Beast allows Belle to use his magic mirror, which is capable of showcasing anything its user requests. Belle asks the mirror to show her father, and it reveals Maurice to be lost and sick in the woods, apparently dying, a sight that shocks and worries her.

With no choice, the Beast grants Belle freedom for the safety of her father. As a way to remember him, he hands her the mirror, which she accepts before departing in haste. After returning to the village with her rescued father, Monsieur D'Arque , the head of a mental asylum, arrives to apprehend Maurice because of his claims about the Beast. It's soon revealed that Gaston was behind the asylum's arrival, in hopes of forcing Belle to marry him in exchange for her father's freedom.

Belle refuses, and Gaston goes ahead with taking Maurice to the asylum. Thinking fast, Belle fetches the mirror and begs for it to show her the Beast, then turns the mirror to the villagers to reveal his existence, proving Maurice's sanity. Unfortunately, as she assures the intimidated crowd that the Beast isn't dangerous, Gaston senses Belle's romantic feelings for the creature and mocks her for being in love with a monster, to which Belle angrily retorts by labeling Gaston as the real monster, making him snap.

Out of spite and jealousy, Gaston snatches the mirror from Belle, convinces the villagers that the Beast is a threat, and rallies a mob to attack the Beast. Shocked, Belle tries to stop Gaston from going through with his plans, but he perceives that she is against him and has her and Maurice locked in their cellar to prevent them from warning the Beast. After the mob's departure, Chip who stowed away in Belle's satchel uses Maurice's wood-cutting invention to free them, allowing them to rush to the castle on Philippe.

Belle arrives at the castle while Gaston is taking on the Beast and attempts to stop the former from hurting the latter. The Beast, seeing Belle return, summons up the strength to fight back while Belle rushes into the castle and up the stairs.

Arriving at the balcony, she calls to the Beast and reaches out for him to take her hand. Just as the Beast takes hold of Belle's hand and they embrace each other, Gaston stabs the Beast in the back, causing the Beast to jerk backwards in pain, which then causes Gaston to lose his balance and fall to his death.

Belle manages to grab hold of the Beast and pull him up onto the balcony. The Beast smiles at seeing Belle, who ensures all will be well with their reunion at hand. Unfortunately, the weak Beast can only express gratitude overseeing Belle one last time before he dies in her arms, succumbing to his wounds. Belle begs him not to leave her and, sobbing over the Beast's dead body, admits her love for him, mere seconds before the last petal falls from the enchanted rose.

As Belle continues sobbing over the loss her love, shimmering beams of light falls onto the Beast. The Beast's body then begins to float in the air and is enshrouded in a fog.

Belle watches mysteriously as the Beast's fore-paws, hind-paws, and furry head respectively transform back into hands, feet, and head of a Prince.

The Prince then turns to Belle, who initially looks at him skeptically, but then she recognizes him by his blue eyes. The Prince and Belle share their first kiss, a kiss of true love, which subsequently breaks the additional spell placed on the castle and its inhabitants: The film ends with Belle and the Prince dancing in the ballroom with her father and his servants watching happily. A midquel taking place during the winter segment of Beauty and the Beast , this is the story of Belle's attempt to bring back to the castle the one ceremony the Beast hates most: At the point the movie is supposed to take place, Belle still considered herself a prisoner in the castle, and wasn't truly friends with the Beast at that point, though she had begun to accept him.

This takes place not too long after she was saved from the wolves and after the Beast gave her the library as a gift, she had started to warm up to the Beast a little and is more willing to reach out to him. Belle is first seen walking through the castle in a pleasant enough mood when she runs into Chip, Lumière, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Belle asks Chip about today and he isn't sure. Belle informs him as well as the others that it's the day before Christmas to which Lumière quickly cuts off before encouraging her to go out on the castle grounds.

At Chip's suggestion, Belle decides to go ice skating. After grabbing a pair of ice skates and a coat from the rack, she heads outside where she finds the Beast just walking around. She bids him a good morning which causes him to lose balance on the ice and fall.

Belle goes to check on him and the two get into an awkward conversation about him slipping. After putting on her skates, Belle begins skating, inviting the Beast to join her.

Beast is reluctant at first, but Belle shows him the basic steps of skating and eventually, he starts trying. Belle watches as the Beast gets better at skating, much to her amusement. With his improvement, the two start skating together. Things seem to go well until interference from Fife causes them to slide into the snow after he grabs the Beast's cape. Belle and Beast emerge from the snow and Belle cheerfully makes a Christmas angel.

She shows it to the Beast, but he sees his own shadow in the snow, enraged by its monstrous shape, and storms off in a fury. As he goes, Belle doubts if she should keep trying to reach him as it seems he is now worse than he was before, though Mrs.

Potts tells her not to lose heart. Later, Belle is walking with Chip through the halls and asks him about the Beast's grumpy disposition. She is surprised when Chip tells her that the Beast is just always that way, even at Christmas. She's also surprised when Chip asks her about Christmas, telling about the great traditions that occur on the holiday. One tradition she mentions; presents; gets Chip excited and she tells him that everyone receives a present on Christmas, including the Beast.

Chip asks Belle what she plans to give the Beast and she doesn't really know him well enough to know what he would want. At Chip's suggestion, Belle decides to give the Beast a handmade storybook. As she makes it, she hopes that her story will help the Beast overcome his sorrows and demons and hopefully, she and him will understand each other better.

After she completes the story, she picks up Chip, confident that the Beast will like his gift and assures him that they will have Christmas in the castle. Later, in the kitchen, Belle is washing dishes with the enchanted objects where Cogsworth immediately rejects the notion of having Christmas, due to the Beast forbidding it. Belle responds, saying Christmas can't be forbidden by anyone. Cogsworth tells her that Christmas is a painful reminder of the Beast's past and that bringing it back when only torture, but Belle believes that it would actually do him some good.

Cogsworth continues to reject, but then Belle, Lumière, Mrs. Potts, and Chip bring up the Christmas feast, with Belle mentioning cranberry sauce. Eventually, Cogsworth agrees and Belle suggests decorating the castle. Lumière tells her that he knows someone who can help. With Lumière and Chip in hand, Belle travels up one of the castle towers to the attic. There, she and the two are greeted by a series of enchanted Christmas decorations lead by a Christmas angel named Angelique.

After some flirting, Lumière introduces her to Belle as the castle decorator. He then tells about their plans for a Christmas celebration, but Angelique refuses, not wanting to be disappointed again. Belle pleads with her help then, for they need her help to decorate the castle before Christmas, but Angelique still refuses, saying that nothing will change, but Belle believes it will.

After several attempts to get the Beast to agree, the Beast finally approves of the idea and allows Belle to prepare for Christmas, though he still bears a grudge, for Christmas is the day the Enchantress cast the spell on him and the castle residents. With advice from Forte, Belle goes out into the woods to get a suitable tree for Christmas, but she falls into thin ice and almost drowns. Fortunately, she is rescued by Beast, who is enraged at her because Forte told him that she was trying to desert him again.

Belle is then thrown into the dungeon to rot, but the Beast then finds a book that Belle had written for him earlier in the West Wing and decides to set Belle free and they both continue to prepare for Christmas. But Forte doesn't give up there, even going as far as to attempt to bring the whole castle down with Beethoven's Symphony No.

Fortunately, the Beast stops him in time by crashing his keyboard to pieces. Sadly, the Beast mourns the loss of his servant and Belle comforts him. The viewers are soon taken back the actual Christmas taking place, and Belle is presented with a gift from her husband: In this movie, Belle is the only human character.

She meets her new three enchanted object friends Webster , Crane and Le Plume and is about to solve problems in all four segments. Because the segments of the movie were originally intended to be used for a TV series, Belle had a slightly darker complexion than usual.

In the first episode, "The Perfect Word", a falling out between Belle and Beast leads to the banishment of the aforementioned servants, Webster, Crane and LePlume, forcing Belle to rush out and rescue them. In "Fifi's Folly", it's Lumière's anniversary with Fifi yet he doesn't know the proper way to confess how he truly feels. Belle assists him by taking the role as Fifi and practicing what he's going to do for their date.

Fifi sees the two and believes Lumière is leaving her for Belle. Eventually, all is straightened out. Potts' Party", Belle strives to cheer up a depressed Mrs. Potts, whom she has notably come to look as a motherly figure, though the rivalry between Lumière and Cogsworth causes trouble. This segment was also included in Belle's Tales of Friendship. In the fourth and final segment, "A Broken Wing", Belle finds a wounded bird and takes it in. She spends most of her time hiding it from Beast originally until he grows to like.

After a while, another problem brews as the bird is healthy once more, but Beast wants to keep it for its singing. Belle convinces him to let it free. In the end, they become closer and their intense romance buds anew. Belle made cameo appearances in many episodes of the House of Mouse television series, usually seen wearing her blue and white outfit though she did wear her gold dress in Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse and " Dining Goofy ".

In " Mickey and the Culture Clash ", Belle attempted to read a book that Mickey was balancing on his head, but her hand was slapped away by Mortimer Mouse. She then asked what the commotion was about, and was informed by Clarabelle that Minnie was looking for someone more sophisticated than Mickey. In " Jiminy Cricket ", when Jiminy mentions the possibility some characters may not have children, the camera pans to Belle and Beast.

Belle can also be seen in recycled crowd shots, cheering alongside Mrs. Belle also appeared aside Beast in Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse. Belle made a guest appearance in the episode " The Amulet and the Anthem ".

She teaches Sofia that actions speak louder than words when apologizing about her bragging didn't break her croaking curse by singing " Make It Right ". Curiously, like Princess Jasmine before her, Belle's hairstyle is different than what her redesign shows.

Rather than being waist length with a large sock bun and two free locks framing her face, the hairstyle that she sports in the episode is only just past her shoulders with the bun being the previous fancy knot that she had prior to her redesign. This is either because this version of the hairstyle was easier and less time-consuming to animate or the animators chose to combine aspects of her original hairstyle with her new one as a sort of homage to her first appearance.

In " Forever Royal " when Sofia is battling Vor inside her amulet, Belle appears to Sofia in spirit form along with all the other princesses who have been summoned to help Sofia in her times of need and they encourage her to be brave and strong for they all believe in her. Belle makes a cameo appearance in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. During the song " Out There ", Belle is seen walking through the streets reading her book.

Belle then storms off to her room in a huff telling Stitch to get his own movie. Originally, when the first installment of Disney Princess Enchanted Tales was to be released, it was to feature a new Belle story and a brand new Fa Mulan story. The plot of Belle's story featured Chip getting in trouble with the Beast after breaking some of his things.

Terrified, Chip runs away. Belle finds him and convinces him to come back to the castle, and teaches Beast what it means to be kind. She also teaches Chip that even when people are mad at him, it still means they love him.

Belle was also one of the many Disney heroines set to appear in the canceled animated short, Princess Academy. In concept art for the production, Belle could be seen in the form of a silhouette, bedside Aurora and Hyacinth Hippo. In a holiday advertisement for Target , a doll version of Belle, alongside Rapunzel , makes a brief cameo appearance as part of the cheering crowd when the kids successfully put the star on top of the Christmas tree.

Actress Lynsey McLeod portrayed Belle, who was the owner of a book and music shop in France in her commoner costume. They can be seen dancing with each other amongst other Disney characters and Christmas carolers. Their singing voices were provided by Susan Egan and James Barbour. Belle is the only child and daughter of Sir Maurice, whose town will be destroyed in the Ogre Wars. Rumplestiltskin offers to protect them if Belle becomes his servant forever.

Her father and her fiancée Gaston Sage Brocklebank refuse to agree to his terms, but Belle accepts the deal. Over time, the pair fall in love, and Rumplestiltskin asks her to go out and buy straw, expecting that she won't return. On the road, she meets the Evil Queen Regina and learns that true love's kiss will break any curse, including the one on Rumplestiltskin. Belle returns to the castle and kisses him, and he starts changing back into a human.

However, he learns that she met the Queen and becomes convinced that she is a spy; this stops the transformation. In his rage, he rejects her love and locks Belle in his dungeon.

He then breaks all of his dishwares, except the cup that she accidentally chipped. He throws her out of his castle, stating that his power is more important to him than she is. She admonishes him for not believing that she loves him and promises that he will regret it when he is left with an empty heart and the chipped cup. She then leaves and he doesn't see her again.

She is later seen giving advice on love to Grumpy then known as Dreamy. Her storyline in the Enchanted Forest involved Mulan in one episode. The two of them hear of a fiery monster causing trouble in the Enchanted Forest. Belle hunts it down and douses it with water. The monster then writes "save me" on the ground. Belle uses fairy dust to help the creature and it turns back into its true form, Prince Phillip. He thanks Belle for saving him and reveals to her that Maleficent cast a spell over him to keep him away from his true love Aurora.

Belle then introduces Phillip to Mulan and leaves them to help her true love, Rumplestiltskin. However, soon after she is taken prisoner by Regina. In another episode, Hook goes to Belle's jail cell after hearing that she could be Rumplestiltskin's weakness. He asks her to help destroy him, but she refuses to do so.

Hook then knocks her out and leaves. According to the Queen, Belle was allegedly shunned by her town for her association with Rumplestiltskin and was imprisoned and tortured until she threw herself off a tower and died. However, this is later proven false by her existence in Storybrooke , where Regina keeps her locked in a secret room underneath the Storybrooke Hospital. She is eventually released by Jefferson. He tells her to find Mr. Gold, who is actually Rumplestiltskin, and to tell Gold that Regina held her captive.

She finds Gold but doesn't remember who he is. When the curse on Storybrooke is broken, she regains her memories and professes her love for Rumplestiltskin. He then takes her to his shop, where she makes him promise he won't kill Regina.

After Gold releases the Wraith to seek out vengeance on Regina, Belle storms out of the pawn shop, frustrated by his play on words. Later, she comes back to him, where he shows her the chipped cup and she says she will stay with him as "he's a monster".

At the beginning of " The Crocodile ", Belle has a dream that Mr. When she wakes up, she sees Mr. Gold in the basement of his house doing magic.

The next morning, Belle asks him what he has been doing. Gold just says "Magic is Power. To fix this "little" problem, her father handcuffs her to a mining trolley and rolls it down a hill, so she can have her memories erased because when a person crosses the town border, they lose all memory of their true selves.

She is rescued by Mr. However, once she is rescued, she says she doesn't want to see Mr. Gold and Moe ever again. Gold gives Belle the key to the Storybrooke Library and then explains everything from being a coward to Baelfire. He starts to go but Belle stops him, wanting to go with him for a hamburger at Grannies , to which he happily agrees.

Sometime later, Archie is supposedly killed by Regina. Belle, along with the other townspeople, attends Archie's funeral where Mary Margaret gives a eulogy in remembrance of him.

Afterward, Belle meets up with Mr. Gold in which he happily tells her the option for crossing the border works. She expresses wishes to go with him, but he regretfully says the option is only enough for one person.

She heads to the library, later on, to sort through books and notices a stranger standing in the corner and recognizes him as the man who broke into her cell in the Evil Queen's palace, Captain Hook. In a state of panic, she runs from him but is unable to escape the building.

Belle pushes a bookshelf, which topples and pins him to the floor as she scurries into the elevator. Pulling out her cell phone to call Mr. Gold, she is able to tell him about the man trying to kill her, but when she attempts to give more details, Mr. Gold is unable to hear her through the bad reception. Belle doesn't return to the library until Mr.

Gold operates the switch to open the elevator shaft. Reunited, they hurry back to the pawnshop together. On the way there, Belle demands to know Mr.

Gold's history with Hook. Hesitantly, he finally tells her Hook stole his wife, Milah from him years ago. When she asks what happened to his wife, Mr.

Gold can only say that she died. Gold's cloak is stolen by William Smee, Mr. Gold wants to get back. He gives her a loaded gun to keep in case she needs to ever use it to protect herself. Gold is away, Belle goes back into the library.

There she finds a knot left behind from Hook and searches through her books about it. Reading the books, she realizes the knot comes specifically from a ship. Heading to the harbor, she looks up at the seagulls and is surprised to see one of them land and stand on something invisible. Suspecting something is there but she can't see it, Belle takes a pinch of dust and throws it over, revealing stairs leading up to an invisible ship. She goes up the steps until she passes a barrier that leads her onto the ship's visible deck.

Belle opens a door below deck and discovers Archie tied up. She uses a sword to cut him free and urges him to get back to town. Then, she proceeds to rummage around the shelves hoping to find Baelfire's cloak. In her distraction, she had put down the gun, and just then Hook makes himself known to her. She lunges for the gun, but Hook is faster. He threateningly points the gun at her forehead, and whilst they converse, he reveals to her a truth Mr. Even knowing this, Belle still believes in Mr.

Gold and asserts that she knows he has changed and has good in him. She hits him with a rowing paddle and runs away to above deck while taking the cloak with her. Gold shows up to save Belle and proceeds to beat Hook bloody with his cane. Belle pleads that they should leave, but Mr.

Gold can't contain his anger at Hook's presence. Finally, he stops when she reminds him of the hope she had in believing he changed, and that if he has, to walk away right now. They leave Hook's ship. Gold and Belle are at the town border.

He uses the potion on himself and steps to the other side of the borderline while his memory stays intact. Belle is very pleased the potion will give him the opportunity to find his son.

She promises to wait for him in Storybrooke. The heartfelt moment is interrupted when Belle is suddenly shot and pierced in the shoulder causing her to trip and fall over the border into Mr. Gold's arms and thus loses her memories.

Hook is then revealed to be the shooter, stating that now Gold knows how it feels to lose someone he loves. Gold yells her name in anguish, but she stares at him in confusion, asking, "Who is Belle? She is in a frantic and frightened state after she becomes amnesic. Gold is worried about her injuries, so he magically heals them. Belle is confused and asks him how he did it. An ambulance arrives at the scene and takes Belle to the hospital.

While laying in the hospital bed, Mr. Gold tries to trigger her memory with true love's kiss. It's unsuccessful and Belle screams at Mr. Gold arrives at the hospital, with the chipped cup, which he magically charmed. He gives it to Belle in hopes that she remember her past from the Enchanted Forest. The plan doesn't work. Belle is confused and unsure when he mentions magic and tries giving the cup back to Mr. Gold, but he insists she tries. Belle becomes angry and throws the cup, shattering it to pieces.

She asks him to leave one final time, and Mr. Gold finally leaves her room in tears. For the time, Belle remains in the hospital until she gets a call from Mr. Gold who tells her that he knows she doesn't remember who she is, but that she was a beautiful woman who loved an ugly man, and adds that she creates goodness in people.

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