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Competition for Old Navy includes JoS. A. Bank, Men's Wearhouse, Victoria's Secret, Belk, Foot Locker and the other brands in the Retail Stores: Clothing & Footwear Stores industry. You can connect with Old Navy on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Also, I usually wear a small or medium in their shirts from the store. I will never, I repeat never shop there again.

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BEST ENTRANCE. Upper level, South main Entrance Parking lot. LOCATION IN MALL. Upper Level, Macy's Area, Across Lady Footlocker.
The new store, which will feature a new concept, is located between Ross Dress for Less and Sketchers, another new store that opened at the shopping center this spring.
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Old Navy offers a variety of its regular styles (and more) in its dedicated plus-size store, all for the same low prices. Stock up on everyday staples like jeans (they offer six different cuts and.

Now you can order in the app and pick up your items at your local store. This Old Navy App works sooo good!! Keep up the great job Old Navy..

Im a new old navy CC holder, 3 months approx. Every other time I go to log in it makes me change my password. I know for a fact my password is correct. I even screen shot what I changed it to and made sure I re-entered correctly and it still told me it was wrong!

How annoying to re-type all of your credit card and billing info each time you want to buy something! This is on the app and through the website. I have done this at least 10 times if not more. I will pay this card off and not use it anymore. And to top it off they lowered my credit when my overall credit usage all my cards was higher than even I liked.

However I never once made a late payment to them, or any of my cards for that matter. But from here on out I refuse to do any business with Synchrony Bank. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description You asked for a faster, easier way to shop Old Navy on your phone and we delivered.

Select a department on the Filters screen to see the full filter options! Hit us up at mobileapp oldnavy. Just for our store shoppers! Tap the Search icon to access our new barcode scanner. Scan to read reviews, see product availability, and view product details in the app. Send us your feedback at mobileapp oldnavy. One of ours is to get more feedback this year, so tell us what you love, hate, or would like to see next at mobileapp oldnavy.

Check on the status of your orders, just in time for the holiday season! Simply go to your Account, tap on My Orders and click through to access your tracking number. We've made it easier for you to confirm that your promos were applied and see when you've got Rewards and Bonus Cash to spend.

Just link your card in the Wallet section to check it out! Love something you saw in the app but want to try before you buy? Now, you can use the app to see if that item you want is available in a store nearby, so you can go check it out in person.

Have a must-have feature that you want to see next? Tell us about it by emailing mobileapp oldnavy. Shop All Brands in One App: Miss shopping our sister brands?

We read all your feedback, so email us at mobileapp oldnavy. See something you like but want a second opinion? Now you can easily share products with friends and family via email or messaging and social media apps.

Credit card management just got an upgrade! Tap to Apply Promos: Love a good promo? Quickly add them to your bag with the tap of a button. Not ready to take the plunge on that top but want to checkout with the rest of your items?

In just a few simple steps, you can reset your password and login, all through the app. Deleting Payment and Shipping Info: Planning a big move? Need to replace your credit card? It doesn't just mean shorter lengths, it's smaller all around. Which, even though I know it's just a number, incenses me to no end. Because when I buy petites to accommodate my, uh, vertically-challengedness, I have to buy a size with two digits.

Even though otherwise I am a size with only one digit. I own two pairs of the exact same style of Old Navy jeans, maybe one or two seasons apart. One's a 10 and the other's a They fit almost exactly the same. Of course, I assume this means I'm a I've noticed inconsistencies in sizing in quite a few stores, not just Old Navy. I once read that you should bring two of everything into the fitting room, because fit can vary from garment to garment even when they're the same style and size.

I came in here to say that Old Navy's pants sizes are inconsistent in-store, nevermind how they relate to the rest of the world's pants, but everyone else beat me to it. Strangely, their shirts have all been the same size for the last decade. A medium is a medium is a medium. Also, I've noticed that places like Express and the Limited do a lot more vanity sizing. And, even though you're not asking for this, I've found Levi's pants to be really consistent with sizes.

Whatever size you fit into in one style is going to be your size throughout the store. So, my advice to you: I think this comes down to two factors: Old Navy sources their clothes from dozens of different factories in the developing world.

Though I'm sure they communicate some basic set of size standards for each garment, that diversity of manufacture inevitably gives rise to variation. In a company that cared to spend money on its product they would have a quality control process that reviewed and sent back garments that didn't meet the size standards until they got an acceptable product that actually fit their range, but 2.

Old Navy is interested in making and selling clothes as cheaply as possible, and why would they spend money on quality control? Their standard for wear is that their clothes should be able to survive three washings. This isn't a company that's concerned about good fit or quality.

You get what you pay for. Old Navy sizing system is erratic. My 18 and 22 yo daughters stopped shopping there becuse of it. While they both like to shop, they said it took too much time in and out of the dressing room figuring out what size of each style.

While this wasn't a problem years ago when each of them could spend hours upon hours in just one store, neither has the time or the patience to mess with it now. For quite some time their father and I bought them Gap and Old Navy gift cards, but we were told thanks and they explained why.

Their father and I were suprised, as we were aware of the sizing "adventures". But the oldest said that it had just gotten too annoying, she couldn't even run in and grab a couple of wardrobe "staples" and be sure that they would fit. Let alone trying to mail order off their web site. My older daughter used to be a Gap fan, she says now they are too much like "Old Navy". It happens in almost any store. Especially the younger markets.

Old Navy just seems worse. There is absolutely no damn accounting for sizes at Old Navy. Is there no place on earth I can find an affordable pair of jeans that fit my ass and waist and let's not even discuss length all at the very same time?!

I also don't understand what petite even means, because even at 5'3", some pants that claim they are for short people are still too long. Anyway, thank you for suggesting using real measurements and also to the person who said I shouldn't let a number as arbitrary as 'size' dictate my esteem.

I mean, sure, it felt really awesome to "know" I was a size 4, but life ain't that bad at a 10 either I knew the stuff looked cheap, but dang.

I too will no longer buy gift cards there. Alia of the Bunnies at To piggyback on the question, I sure wish I knew who made clothes for size 16 type short women that didn't look like a seventy year old would wear it. I tend to always find that their clothes run big. I'm a 6 everywhere else, but I'm a 4 there.

How Old Navy clothing fits me varies from article to article. I usually grab each item in my range and try them all on, even if they're labeled identically. I'm at the upper end of ON's size spectrum though, so this doesn't take very long. I guess I'm not the only one who has a problem at Old Navy! I'm your height and about your weight, and I fit into pants sizes , depending on the brand. I usually have to bring 3 sets of each pair of pants into Old Navy, because I never know which size is going to fit!

Since shoppers can try garments on before they buy anything, there is no real need for a standard except for mail-order clothes. So Old Navy can label the stuff however they please, and a downscale brand probably has little or no interest in being consistent from one SKU to the next. Vanity sizing is also a factor in RTW clothing, as you've observed yourself.

I just moved from the UK, and Old Navy is only store I can actually rely on in this country to match my sizing correctly. But I've only shopped there twice in the last year, and I don't have great experience with other stores so perhaps I should shop around a little more. Eh, I've had plenty of Old Navy pants last past 3 washings. I got a hole in a pocket it was an oddly set one from sticking my PDA in it, but that's been about it. Back on topic, I'm an 8 and wear a 4 at Old Navy pretty consistently.

I just enjoy the ego boost. I can't find a citation for that, and unfortunately I heard it by word-of-mouth, so it may very well be an exaggeration or a loose characterization and not a specific production standard. And of course, I also have ON pants that have held up for years.

They're certainly not programmed to disintegrate after three washes not that they look good after a few months - mine really don't, but I wear stuff like that. My main point is that the production quality the brand expects is very, very low. They do not design or manufacture clothes to last - it is not a value they care about. The Old Navy philosophy is one of planned obsolescence - they design the clothes to be produced with a minimum of expense and effort, knowing the clothes will wear out, fall apart, develop holes or runs or unravelings, or look bad soon enough, and you'll go buy some more.

The brand history is pretty interesting. In the early 90s, when they brought out Old Navy, they found that all three brands were too similar and were eating into each other's support. So they sought to differentiate them, and they did so by moving them all farther apart in price. Old Navy was aimed for a younger market with less money, willing to buy more clothes at a low price and wear them for a short time before moving on. Their production standards fell below what they had been before in order to match that.

For instance, where the Gap's t-shirts would have two rows of stitching to reinforce the neck and sleeves, Old Navy's has one. Materials are thinner and cheaper. Buttons and zippers are cheaper. When looking for a "3 washes" citation I did find that during this phase they dropped the production cycle from 9 months to 3 months, meaning they were looking for clothing not just cheaper and simpler but faster too.

Basically, it doesn't add up to quality, durability, or consistency, as Quietgal said. Some industry mentions of ON's planned disposibility:

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